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Flying after major surgery

I just had my ovarian cancer staging surgery on May 17th and no cancer was found (other than the ovaries on a previous surgery).  I was diagnosed with stage 1 papillary serous borderline cancer and no chem is needed as no cancer was found in the omentum, appendix or several lymph nodes.  Does anyone have any tips on flying after surgery?  We are attending our son's graduation in Los Angeles (about a 4 hour plane trip) on June 11th?  Thanks,  Gina
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Thanks for the good suggestions.  Love, Gina
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Depending on the airline, ask about pre-boarding.  It would be so much easier if you could board before everyone else so you don't have to step over anyone, and no one has to step over you.  Also, you know not to carry your own luggage, right??  You could probably get away with pulling a small carry-on with wheels, but don't try to lift it out of the car, or into the carry-on bin!  You'll be around 4 weeks post-op by then, so you should be healing pretty well.  But since it's a long ride, you might bring your "coughing pillow" with you since you'll be riding with your seatbelt fastened.  Could give you some extra cushioning on the incision.  Beyond that, sit back and relax!

Congrats on getting the cancer out early and avoiding chemo!  

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I'd make sure you wear the stockings you wore after surgery, to avoid the risk of DVT, and take anything that makes you feel comfy..
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Make sure you get an aisle seat so you can stand up and move around.  
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