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Fun stuff!

I thought we could use another fun little survey for those interested. This is a way for us to get to know eachother better as well as introduce new faces. If you don't like this survey or post, just ignore it. No need to start another fight please :)  

1. State your name, where you live, if you are dealing with cancer (what stage) or if you are a caretaker, or just looking for answers and friendships :)
2. If we were to walk into your closet, how would we describe your style?
3. What would be the 3 books and/or movies you would recommend to us?
4. Say something nice about the peron before you that answered this survey.
5. Describe yourself in one word that starts with an "s"

1. Deandra, Boulder CO. Stage 3C ovarian cancer
2. classic-chic with a little edge
3. It's not about the hair (book) The Red Tent (book) Amoros Perros (movie in subtitles)
4. That would be me - I would say I have a constant need to inspire, care and help people.
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1) Tc, Chicago Illinois, stage 3b/c ovca
2) casual comfort~ favorite store "Oh My Gauze"
3) books (anything I can get my hands on except harloquin romance) movies~ Terms of endearment, Lethal Weapon, Sleepless in Seattle
4) Brownie to me ~ strong, spirited, and loving family around her, a true fighter.
5) Serene
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1. Rashmi, India, 3C OVCA recurrence
2. Distinct.
3. Samsara(movie), Seven Years in Tibet (movie), The Journey(book by Barandon Bays)
4. butterflytc is a sport.
5. spiritual
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1.  Trudie, Ayr Ontario Canada, recent removal 16 cm cysts and now supporting others
2.  Business Casual - Coldwater Creek is my favourite - wish they would open stores in Canada
3.  the basics (cooking bible), Jodi Picoult books, the movie Crash
4.  rash196 is exotic.
5.  Sweet
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1.  Bonnie, North Carolina, unstaged ovca
2.  Casual  Old Navy
3.  Anything John Grisham  Movies (old)  No Way Out,  (recent) Notes on a Scandal
4.  Trudie is supportive
5.  Simple
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1.  Sharon, Windsor Ontario Canada, dx OVCA 3C May 2008
2.  Ecclectic
3.  movies - Sling Blade, books - Sophie's Choice, Water for Elephants
4.  Trudie is thoughtful and supportive
5.  sincere
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1.  Colleen, Florida, still waiting on answers, recent intestinal re-section surgery
2.  Organized, loves cowboy boots
3.  Books - Jennifer Crusie, Barbara Delinsky, Movies - While You Were Sleeping, Doc Hollywood
4.  I don't know Sharon personally, but have seen that she answers post with thoughtfulness, caring and concern
5.  Sweet
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1.  Karen, Clarkston, Michigan (Caregiver for my mom with OVCA until she passed in May)
2.  Casual and comfy.
3.  The Big Chill, The Firm and any of the old Pink Panther movies (classic funny)
4.  lvfrogs is supportive and a fighter
5.  Spunky
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1.  Kasie, Indiana, ORS and cyst removed this Thursday
2.  Comfortable, stylish
3.  Books..any Karen Kingsburry book. Movie...Crimson Tide, Liar Liar, and Fast and Fruious
4.  Colleen is such a sweet person.  She is very supportive and is always there when you need her.  She has been a great friend to me!!
5.  Spiritual
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1.  Jan, Nashville, Tn  Stage 3C DX Oct 2006
2.  Classic styles with clean lines.
3.  1984, Brave New World, Somewhere in Time (movie)
4.  Colleen is compassionate, informative and she knows how to stand up for herself and others without pi$$ing people off.
5.  Strong
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Okay, a bunch of us were writing at the same time.  Well at least we all have a good opinion of Colleen.  LOL I don't know Kasie very well, but Gail says she is really sweet and from what I have seen that appears to be true.
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1. Chris, Chattanooga TN  Stage 1C granulosa cell tumor ovca DX 4/06
2. Classic/traditional/a few trendy things
3.  Books - The Book Thief, Revenge of the Middle Aged Housewife
     Movie - Life is Beautiful
4.  Jan is caring, compassionate, intelligent and willing to share.
5.  Sincere
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1. Meghan, my mom has stave IV OVCA; here for answers and support
2. my style... classic with a few trendy pieces
3. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (book) , The Lovely Bones (book), Big Fish (movie)
4. Jan is imformative, supportive and strong
5. sincere
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Sorry ... Jan was last before me when I went to post...
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1. Gia, Toms River New jersey...Ovarian cysts and Hysterectomy...here to offer support
2. my style....love black...simple style...classic..
3. Jackie collins books,VC Andrews Books,Any Comedy Movie
4. Meg is a wonderful daughter and caretaker
5. Sensitive
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1.  Judy, Dunedin, Florida.  Stage IIIC ovarian cancer, June, 2006
2.  Classic sytle with a little whimsy.
3.  John Grisham books, Gone with the Wind, Historical fiction
4.  Gia & Chris are both caring and supportive
5.  Sincere & optimistic
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1. Irene, Portland, OR, have 2 friends with OVCA and am caregiver for my Dad.
2. Style - plain and earthy
3. The Little Prince, Wizard of Oz series and The Selfish Giant
4. I don't know Judy very well but in general the women here have generous, loving hearts.
5. Steady
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1. Michelle, Oklahoma, if you are dealing with cancer (dont know or care the stage of it.)
2. comftorable
3. neither, get a psp there great for watching movies on while your having chemo, or biopsies done.
4. shes a caregiver, she's got it harder than those of us with the cancer. keep up the great work irene.
5. I'd say slutty but I never get any lol.
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1. Maggie, Lawrence, KS  ovarian cancer recurrence, diagnosed July 2007, 44 years old
2. I am very challenged when it comes to fashion!!
3. Books: Cancer as a Turning Point, anything by Elizabeth George; Movies: The Secret of Roan Inish, all the Indiana Jones movies.
4. Michelle sounds like my kind of gal - good sense of humor...
5. sassy and silly!
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Just an aside since everyone will be reading these, Michelle (Stillfighting) has put up some wonderfully informative stuff on her journal and from the lack of comments I don't think many have read them.  You all have got to play the cancer game.  I really felt like I was killing those little suckers.  LOL  Thanks for the nice comments too.
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1. Sharon, Statesboro GA, ovarian cysts, sister has recurrent OVCA but wont listen to any advice, here for support in prayer, 42
2. jeans, tshirts, beach coverup and the LOUNGE dress, no shoes - whats up with that ?
3. Books - Thomas Covenant Series, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Left Behind Series Movies - Moulan Rouge, Sands of Iwo Jima, We Were Soldiers Once and Young
4. Maggie sounds like the kind of person i would love to hang out with for a day - the laughter wouldn't stop ... i love her hopeful attitude its inspirational
5. Star Trek Junkie ... Captain Janeway FTW !!
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okay so Jan snuck in there too
4. I would love to spend a day in Jan's garden ... she makes it sound so serene and beautiful ... i can imagine the fragrances as she posts about them :)
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Marie,  Peoria, Illinois.  Stage 3b mucinous ovca

Style has become whatever does not bother belly scay.  Usually loose Wal-mart capris

Book I recommend, Where is God when it Hurts?  Author I forget right now, Yancy??

I don't know Sharon well, but would say faithful and encouraging.

Good idea Deandra.
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Donna: Cedar Grove, Tn   recurrence stage 3c ovca

Style was everything from black leather, suede, frilly long, you name it, depended on my mood that day. Now, lol, Hot Cotton, capriis, T-shirts.

Books, never really read until diagnosed, but my sister sent some easy reading I enjoyed, Eat Cake, Milk Glass Moon, Lucia Lucia.

Movies: Prince of Tides; Blind Date ( Bruce Willis, old movie) Steel Magnolias
Marie;  The woman I would love to have next door, strong, adventurous, determined, funny, wrapped in sincerity
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Gwen: Temple, Texas recurrence stage 3 low grade or borderline ovca

When I was teaching, suits and professional look. Now, jeans and shirts.

Books: use to read 3 and 4 a month. I have trouble keeping my mind involved. I read a few pages at a time. Ninety Minutes in Heaven is very special.

Movies: don't really have a favorite. Music, I like it all but rap or "country/country". The Messiah my very favorite.

I enjoyed reading these.
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