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Gas and cysts

I was diagnosed months ago with acid reflux and take prilosec which helps.   2 weeks ago I had horrible stomach aches and saw the dr.  Since then, I've continued to have horrible gas pains and bowel sounds.   She sent me for a Ct thinking it was an intestine inflammation...she found 2 large complex cysts one on each ovary.   I had an MRI on Sunday and she called saying they found 2 small simple cysts on the left ovary and nothing on the right.   I'm so confused!  How could it change so quickly?   They also found a small mass, probably fluid and scar tissue behind my bladder (I had a hysterectomy in 2003 after a c-section).   Can cysts cause gas pains?   I'm glad the cysts look different but I'm more confused than before!
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how much time in between the two tests???  

What follow up has the doctor suggested?  What was the size of the cysts on the CT Scan and the MRI?

We need some more info in order to try to understand the whole picture.

Being unfortable and in pain is not good, please continue to push the doctors to get to the bottom of what is causing these problems.

Good luck,
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The CT was on Wed and the MRI was a few days later on Sunday.   At first she said the cysts were large, now she said that one was only 1.5 cm and the other 3 cm.  
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Had a follow up today with an transv. ultrasound...today they found a small simple cyst on the left and a small complex cyst on the right.   I'm so confused!   Can cysts change 3 times in only 9 days!  
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