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Gemcitabine and Treosulfan anyone?
Hiya all,
Well the Caelyx (Doxil) has stopped working my ca125 has now risen to 176 so my oncologist decided it was pointless having my 6th cycle-its been rising since my 4th.Waiting for a ct scan now,then she's thinking of trying Gemcitabine&Treosulfan-apparently a trial was done with this combination and they had such good results,she's already using this combination-apparently it was used for melanomas originally.I've already had Carboplatin/Taxol when I was first diagnosed last year after my surgery,but was only in remission-if you can call it that for three months.Started Caelyx(Doxil) in January-that's not worked for me and now shes talking about this combination-I think they're running out of ideas.It'llbe intavenous washing-up-liquid next!!!Anyone out there had this stuff?
Sue x
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