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Happy Birthday Marie (Marie3b)

Hey Marie!  Happy Birthday to YOU!  You're a special person and I wish you nothing but happiness.

Love ya.
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Happy Birthday to you! Keep up your fighting spirit for many years to come.
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Happy Birthday Marie!!! Glad to see you're back more ... wishing you a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love! Sending some love your way from me.
Fran :)
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Thank you so much.  I am so glad Jan called me the other day and brought me back to the forum.  I didn't realize how much I missed all of you.  Love, Marie
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I hope you had a wonderful day.  You are such a wonderful woman and I feel honored to call you my friend.  I miss you and wish I could have given you a birthday hug today.  I'm glad to see that you are back.  Love ya, Kasie
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Happy Birthday !!! There's still an hour left of your birthday on the east coast so I know you still have time to enjoy your day !! And, you know how much you have been missed ! ! Hope you had a grand time !!!

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happy bday marie - hope you had w wonderful day....love, gia
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Happy Birthday Marie, each one we have is special in some way, hope your special day was a great one.  Marty
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Happy Birthday Marie!!! May 2009 be a special year for you. I hope you were spoiled with love, cake, and gifts ;)  
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Happy birthday Marie!  I sincerely wish happiness and improved health for you this year.  Enjoy!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your special day and may the next year bring better health. Take Care. Julie
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Happy Birthday to you!  Have fun with your pals at Ruby Tuesday tomorrow.  Make a wish and blow out ALL those candles!
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Hi Marie,
Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday toYou! I probably missed it, if it was yesterday, but still sending wonderful well wishes for you. You deserve a special day and I hope that family and friends treated you right! Love, colleen
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Happy Birthday, kiddo!  I too am glad to hear your voice again...don't be such a stranger!  Anyway, I hope you are able to celebrate with tremendous enthusiasm and lots of laughter and friends.  Good luck with all those candles!
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Better late than never ... Happy Birthday .. hope you had a good day.  Judy
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I am sorry I missed your birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day and you were able to do something you wanted to do.  I am also glad you are back.....Happy Belated Birthday.

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  I am always a day late! But I still hope that you had a very Happy Birthday!
We have missed you too and are so glad you are back.
  Love Chris
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Today I got a new haircut as a birthday present from my daughter's friend.  She fixed me up and it was fun.  Thanks everyone.  Marie
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Where are the pictures of your new haircut my friend? We're waiting.....
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Happy belated Birthday Marie, I hope you had a wonderful day and were spoilt a whole lot!!

Love Angie
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Happy Birthday Marie!!!  I hope you won't be to tired tonight to do something.  I know you probably don't feel like going out so I am hoping the girls are going to fix you a nice dinner.  Well, at least we all have a greater appreciation for being a year older.  It is all in perspective.
Have fun, don't wear yourself out, and take some time for YOU today.
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Happy Birthday.  Hoping that your B-day was alot of fun.  Thinking of you, Kerry
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Happy Birthday Marie!  I hope you had a lot of fun.  You deserve it!
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Haircut was a freebie so I can't complain, but it is longer on the right than the left.  Need to have her fix it up a little.
I went out last night with the Birthday Club.  We ate and drank and talked for hours.  They gave me a gift card to Sears to put towards a washer. Mine is giving out on me.
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