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Happy Holidays!

Greetings Battalion and Happy Easter!
     We are on our way to the Lake today and having Family over tomorrow.  Tascha and Dawn are also gone for the weekend and thought we'd let you know the next Cyber Party for us will be next week.   Hope you have a lovely weekend Cysters!  MV
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Just checking in to say Happy Easter to all of my wonderful cysters and sisters of The Battalion.  May the true joy of the Easter Season fill you with love and hope.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers as I reflect on this Easter.  Godspeed
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Just dropped in to say HAPPY EASTER to everyone and may your holiday be blessed and full of joy and laughter...sorry i havent been on a whole lot ,but i have been checking in reading everyones post..love yall lots...lou
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Just a quick little Happy Easter to all.  Hope everyone enjoys.
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Just wanted to say HAPPY EASTER!!! Hope everyone has a great and pain free weekend!!

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Happy Easter everyone - hope life is kind to you over this joyous period.
Helen Jane
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It is refreshing to see we all have lives outside of and away from our individual battles.  After all, family is what matters and this is a time for families to celebrate life together.
It is so wonderful to find everyone too busy to find time to sit at the computer.....what a week-end reality party!!!
Happy Easter and Passover to all!
May Peace be with you and your families.
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Quick stop to say Happy Easter to all.  Have a happy and blessed day :)
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Mary V.,
Have a great weekend!  I have made cupcakes for out Easter egg hunt at church and we have over 700 hundred eggs to be hidden.  The sad thing is our church is small and we only have about 20 kids.  Lots of parents are going to have some sugared up tots running around.  I am sure people will be sad not to have the Cyber party-I am disappointed weekly because i cannot make it very often.  Enjoy the lake!
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Hello Ladies! I just walked outside and it is a BEAUTIFUL day. One that makes me happy to be alive. I think I will have someone pick up some eggs and dye so that Jarrett and I can sit outside, color eggs and talk about the meaning of easter. Have a great day ladies...Lena
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He is risen!  May God bless each and every one of you.
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Happy Easter to all of you - hope every one of you had a peaceful, calm weekend.  Looking forward to the battalion cyber party next week.  Spice
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