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Has anyone ever been diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer at the same time

So I posted before that I had precancer cells in my breast for which I had a lumpectomy and radiation. A week after surgery I started to fill fullness in my bladder and urgency to urinate had an ultrasound and MRI and was told I have bilateral dermoid cyst one is 4.5cm and the other is 3cm. I am scheduled for surgery on 1/7/20. I have recently started having other symptoms of gas, feeling a lump of food in my chest after I eat and I have loss weight without trying. I have experienced a lot of anxiety, Insomnia and poor eating habits. Is more likely than not that I have exacerbated my situation because of depression and anxiety or does this sound like late stage ovarian cancer. I have been suffering from anxiety attacks and lack of sleep since I got my results of the cyst in November.
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Hi Pink314,
I just read your post and I'm sorry to hear about your condition! I think it the anxiety and overthinking that is causing your weight loss and lack of sleep.
Had you discussed these symptoms with your doctor? I hope you had! It is always better to get the consultancy with the experts if you're feeling unwell and there are some irregular symptoms facing.
Well, to overcome the anxiety you can do m=some meditation and you can also try to keep yourself busy to stop overthinking. Spend most of the time with your friends and family and do activities that you like and makes you happy.
Best of luck for your upcoming surgery, I hope everything will go well!
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Dear Pink314,
Hope you are doing well after the surgery. I can almost say with certainty it’s nothing. Please keep us posted on what your doctors say. You will be in my prayers. .
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Still waiting  for surgery I will come back to update once I get results from biopsy....I am scared but ready to get this over and done. I wish surgery was today
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I did have all my pre-op blood work come back normal for what that is worth I talked to a friend who has another friend with ovarian cancer and she said her white blood cells were elevated and she had other concerns with her blood work she was diagnosed stage 4 but has since been cancer free for 3 weeks
Surgery day Even though no one has posted anything recent I will update afterwards....keep me in your prayers whoever reads this.
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Hi, I'm sorry you are so stressed and going through all of this.  I will tell you that my mother in law passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.  No, this doesn't sound like late stage.  She did have symptoms that after the fact she was aware were related to her cancer. Things like her pants not fitting due to bloating.  But sweetie, I have that today after eating extra Christmas cookies.  That happens for a variety of reasons!  She did have GI issues too.  But again, the demographics are such that it would be unlikely you have ovarian cancer.  My mother in law was in her late 70's.  When she was finally diagnosed, it was because she had ascites build up in her abdomen. Woman looked like she was 9 months pregnant over night. That was the give away. Your symptoms are very likely stress related.  You are doing the right thing to get the cysts checked. Dermoid cysts are rarely cancerous!  But they can get big like yours have. What dermoid cysts CAN do is twist and cause torsion which can be very dangerous. If you start to experience severe pain, get to the doctor. Torsion like this requires emergency medical attention. In general though, the symptoms you are having are likely symptoms of your cysts only.  (not ovarian cancer).  

I think it is normal, completely normal, to worry about something like this.  But once you have the procedure on the 7th, hopefully you re relieved. If not, then let's talk about anxiety. There is also something you can try which are apps such as headspace or calm. Big fan of these right now. They help with relieving the overactive mind and worry a bit.  

Can you do something nice for yourself in the next couple of days while you wait?  Have anything you love?  I like trashy celebrity rag magazines that I never buy and cook book magazines that I don't make a lot of recipes from.  But when I'm trying to be nice to myself, I buy a couple.  A good Netflix binge is fun for me.  Just relaxing.  Or spending time with people I enjoy.  Distraction makes a world of difference for me.  :>)  I'm here to talk.  hugs
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Thank you so much I am now freaking out about loosing weight. I  have been trying to eat but still loosing weight again not sure if that is a sign something is there or me just stressing. My family, friends and husband seem to think not sleeping and depression is causing the weight loss. I am to the point that I hate looking in the mirror. Granted I am not skinny but I went from 149 to 141 within 3 months. Does that sound suspicious. I stopped working out so I am not that active except for cleaning and regular house work. Again thanks for answering my question. My gyno even said I need to talk to my primary regarding further work up on the weight loss and anxiety. Sorry for being long winded I am just terrified. I cry daily

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