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Has anyone heard from Jane65 lately?

Has anyone heard from Jane lately? or have heard about how she is doing? I have been thinking about her alot.
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I was just thinking about her myself the other day.  I hope she is doing OK.
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Yes, I do chat with Jane when she is up to it. She had to have radiation which has made her very sick the doctor has compared it to having third degree burns. Her ca125 has went down some so everyone please say prayers for our Jane.
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I had a friend that went through radiation (for BC). Her chest and neck looked perpetually sun burned and was so tender.

I'm sorry Jane is going through this part of the treatment. Hurting inside and out. Send her our love.
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Thank you for thinking of me ladies, It as been a very rough 5 years and I'm so tired of cancer being my life, and my husband's.
We went from being partners to him being my caregiver, driver, chef and a wonderful and caring friend.

I am a sad and sick lady, only 67 years old but feeling and looking much older.

I haven't posted because as you'll read on my other post, the radiation and fainting have really taken a toll on me. I'm just so weary of cancer.

Good health to you,

Take care, and Happy New year to all.
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I'm so sorry to hear your not feeling well at all, I have been thinking about you for a few months and rembering Sharon. The both of you were such a comfort for me at a time when I needed someone the most and you took the time out of your life to help someone like me, that is something that I will never forget. I wish I could give you a cure but all I can offer you is a prayer and sometimes there are no words that can be said.

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Five years is a long time.....lots of single days of struggle and pain,  and an awful lot of long, dark lonely nights.  I am so sorry you and your loving husband are having to live in that world.  I think of you often; not that it helps you in any way.  I wish I could help.....you are in my heart.
I wish Peace for you and your husband.
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Jane, I went on here looking for information on how you were doing since I hadn't heard from you in awhile. You know I think of you daily and you are both in my prayers. I would imagine it would be hard to go from loving partners to a point where you feel he is doing everything but that is what a marriage is, it's not 50/50 all the time and your husband loves you so much that he wants to do these things for you.  I hope that came out right, I can't always say the right words but I know there is so much love in your marriage and I am grateful that you have that, especially in this time of need. Just know there are lots of prayers coming your way!!!
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