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Heartburn and Burping

I have had burping and heart burn for at least a year but never ever attrbuted to my pre-existing cysts and fibroids. Just had an US where an additional undetermined mass was found. Doctor order CA125 test and examined me. He thinks its more likely a fibroid. SInce the appointment I feel nauseaous and really anxious. Have pain on my left side that comes about a week before my period. Do these symptoms indicate specificially cysts, or fibroids or OC??
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What is the plan for your next step?  Watchful waiting, or removal by surgery?  As I've mentioned many times in posts below, I have been experiencing indigestion and burping, in addition to abdominal pain for over a year now.  After several tests, I was found to have a 7.5 cm ovarian cyst and a 3 cm fibri=oid that will be removed on Oct. 25.  Hopefully, all my syumptoms wioll disappear with the surgery. Good luck with yours.  Please keep us posted and if you have any other questions or concerns, I would be happy to answer if I know it.
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Thanks. I think the Dr. was going to speak to the radiologist this week regarding my US and get my blood tests and then reschedule a visit. He said the next time he saw me that he would like to talk about taking these things out. I have totally let my imagination get the best of me and am assuming the worst. I have had two surgeries previously for dermoids and had no major pain at the time, I think I have been doing the 'wait and see'  thing for too long now and would probably be best to have them out.  I am also going to get a copy of the report to my GP and have a chat with him. The specialist was so rushed and he didn't really explain the implications of the 'mass' other than that he wanted to check my blood levels over concerns for OC. Which of course freaked me out.  Good luck with your surgery and hope you are feeling better too.
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