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Help intepret findings and need for 2nd opinion.

Female, 42 y.o. morbidly obese 5'5" 263
12/05: severe LLQ pain, to ER after US and CTscan found colon rupture due to diverticulitis. had colon resection and temporary colostomy.
3/06: colostomy reversed but anastomosis did not take and had to be redone 6 days later.  At this time a suprapubic partial hysterectomy was done for severe uterine fibroids.  both ovaries, cervix left.

Since March 06, have had problems with bowels and LLQ pain intermittmently.  No mention of any cysts on ovaries ever made.  I have back pain and hip pain and things have not felt right in my lower stomach area ever since my colon rupture....

ON 2/6/08:  go to ER for high temp 102.4, severe sore throat, achy joints and LLQ pain started up again.  CT with oral and IV contrast done.  and large 7.1 X 5.4 left ovarian cystic mass on CT found.  ER doctor calmly but firmly and stringently telling me I need to come back in a few hours for pelvic US ASAP.  I am a retired Navy Nurse and get all my care at the VAMC.  I read faces pretty good and he didn't look good.  You'll love this....CT scan showed no signs of diverticulitis....NONE....but did find this left ovary mass....GO FIGURE.  For 2 yrs I've been telling the good folks at the VA that there was something wrong......

Throat culture done came back positive for streptococcus group A....I had tonsillitis....boy you should have seen my lymph glands....neck swollen to my ears...

ON 2/7/08:  I have the TA US tech steps outside tells me to I good to go.....I go to bathroom and come back to get belongs....tech says MD was TV US....really doesn't sound good to me now.

My primary calls and tells me findings are inclusive. on that day and to see the GYN that comes into the clinic.  PAP smear done....no dysplasia except I have bacterial vaginosis, 4+ gram pos rods, 3+ gram pos cocci, 3+ gam neg rods......4+ presumptive gardnerella vaginalis.  

I am on a 10 day course of Augmentin (Amoxicillin875/CLAV K 125mg)

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Hi There,

The first thing I wonder about is whether you could have an abscess in your ovary from your diverticulitis. It may be a complicated surgery because of the previous surgery. It may be helpful to repeat the ultrasound after the antibiotics to see if the cyst has shrunk at all. That might help confirm that this is an abscess.
I would still lean towards surgically removing this.
take care
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