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Hemorrhagic cyst
Hello all. I am new to this site. I have been reading the post and have found a lot of helpful information. For the last 4 months I have been feeling awful. Loss of appetite,weight loss, nausea,severe pain in back and under ribs and stomach area, excess gas I kept going to my GP and he brushed me off basically telling me I was fine. I kept enduring the pain. I demanded he give me back xrays and ct scan. They both were normal so they say. Iwent to the ER last week and they told me I had a bleeding cyst. I followed up with a gyno the next day and they did internal ultrasound and found 2 hemorrihatic cyst one on each ovary. They took lots of pictures and said that they didn't look like anything else and want to try the wait and see method. I have to go back in a month. They have a good reputation here locally.  I am just so stressed because I have been gong through this since August. I droped my primary and have a an appt with a new Dr who is supposed to be good. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms with ovarian cyst. I am just soooo worried. Some days I can eat ok and some days I can't. I have lost 17 lbs since July. It could be because of anxiety also.
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