Hi ladies,
I have not been on here for a couple of months and just wanted to say hi and hope you are all staying strong and positive.I am still fundraising for OVCA australia and am enjoying doing so i have taken brochures out to all local medical centres as surprise surprise they did not have any about ovarian cancer! So let's hope it will help woman become familiar with the symptoms. I just finished my four year uni course and had my first casual day teaching on Friday! (It was a beautiful year 1 class) very exciting. I am also very excited about the new pre diagnostic test coming out in australia and am staying positive for all you lovely ladies and hope we can advance now in our treatment for this awlful disease. Just wanted to keep you all updated and share some positive news with you all.
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Thank you for all the great work! No I never saw anything in my gp or gyn about ovca. I even thought ovarian showed up on a pap smear. So much I wish I had known. I am glad you enjoyed your casual day, I know you are excited. Donna
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Sounds like you are doing a great job fundraising and raising awareness of OVCA , and Congrats on your becomming a Teacher .

Best wishes Angie
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Welcome back to the fold, and congrats on your teaching position. I think it is wonderful what you are doing to raise awareness for ovca. I wish there were pamphlets in my doc's office when I started my chemo. Glad people are making a change. take care
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