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Home from ovary removal

Hi all, just wanted you to know I am finally home.     Negative to cancer.

Just getting home today. Went in on Tuesday Feb 5 - and was supposed to be set by noon and home.     Here I am finally home, Sunday Feb 10 -
Laproscopic - could not be done.

They looked in with the scope and saw the adhesions and called in a surgeon who knew more about adhesions on bowels.  Spoke to the obgyn and the general surgeon the next day - and both commented to me that they had never seen more adhesions in one person - amazing.   Kind of made me wonder what the heck I did to myself after each surgery.  This time I'm taking it easy easy easy.  
(3 c-sections and a hysterectomy - now this ovary removal. )

3 hours of surgery. Took my appendix as it was adhered to my uretha. (explains a lot)
Removed all adhesions from bowels and then put mesh around them so that they might not form again.
Then got to the removal of the ovary and cyst (which also had adhesions anyway) so, the general surgeon took about an hour and a half with his part and the OBGYN took another hour and a half with their part.

My illius (spelling?) is not working right yet. So, everything I eat is coming out as bile.  He sent me home as I am not throwing up anymore and I have no infections, etc... and I really wanted to get the heck out of there!

   I will be another day or two of not having the illius working and then be back to normal!  Better than normal!!!

Thank you all for your comfort, kind words, prayers and guidance.  Made the time leading up to the surgery tollerable.

Sleepy and happy to be home!
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Welcome home! Those are the types of surprises we don't want - a few hours turns into a few days. Ick. I'm so glad to hear that they got it all sorted out and pulled out and you're clean as a whistle in there. Appendix stuck to the urethra? I can't imagine. That part's working OK now? Whenever they say "foley catheter" I just scrunch up inside.

Do take it easy. I know you got plenty of rest in the hospital (Ha!) but continue to sleep and pamper yourself. See you tomorrow.
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Welcome to the Recovery Side at last Carol!  Good news!  MV
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So glad you are on the road to recovery.  I am happy it was benign!  Give yourself the time to heal.  Hope you feel completely recovered soon!

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In spite of your ordeal I could not be happier for you!!!!   It sounds like they did a pretty good spring cleaning in there.  : - )   I hope it came with a lifetime gurarantee.  It is definitely good to leave the hospital and I hope you are resting and not trying to catch up on all of the stuff you didn't get done while you were in the hospital.  I came home today and the first thing I did was to start making a "TO DO" list.  The second thing I did was lay it aside and go to bed.  I am an idiot.  I am also going back to bed and I hope you are doing the same.  Take really good care of you and remember if it doesn't aid in your healing don't do it.  
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It makes me so happy to hear when someone recieves such good news. It sounds like you had quite the ordeal but you are now on the road to recovery, and I know that being at home helps so much. Be sure to take it easy for awhile and get yourself back to normal. Sending you big hugs and best wishes. Love, Chris
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Wonderful news!!! I can relate to the adhesions part - and the extended stay...it was a mess inside and after I woke up I felt like my insides had been put through a blender! I am pleased to say that it's been 2 months since my surgery and I haven't felt this good in soooooooo long! Sometimes I will simply say to myself, "wow...I don't hurt anymore! i feel NORMAL!"

I wish the same for you :-) Take it easy - when I over did it or was on my feet too long my back would get really sore. Listen to your body and don't feel pressured to return to life as usual for the sake of those around you. This period of healing is important.


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Happy for you...was reading some old postings and wondering about the pleurals...in your lung?
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The pleurisy seems to have resolved itself.  No known cause.
When it went to pleural effusion, they put me on avelox (spelling?) something for pneomonia anyway -
and the next CT scan showed clear
Just one of those things, maybe a virus started it - so- virus clears, the pleurisy clears?

Anyone ever have pleurisy?  Pleural effusion?  Unexplained?  

Jan214 -  I know what you mean, I am a work-aholic.  BUT this time, I am not doing anything.
There is a sink full of dishes - REALLY REALLY bugging me - but sitting here and trying to think of myself.

Everyone - thank you for the well wishes!
Not feeling nausiated today.
Still have diarreah -

Anyone know how long that lasts?  Bowels were handled for over 3 hours -  doctor said sometimes up to a week.

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