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How do I know if my ovarian cyst is really cancer?

For a month now, I have had severe pain in low right pelvis, low back and right hip. I also have had pain in the lymph nodes in back of neck, right groin and today it started in right arm pit. I feel nauseated off and on, totally out of my mind and foggy. My eyes will start burning and recently started running very low grade temp off and on. I feel my body is fighting something. Oh and the last week, I have noticed difficulty breathing sometimes....so weird. They did a pelvic ultrasound and found a complex cystic mass on the right ovary. With all the other symptoms I have been having, should I be persistent that they do a biopsy or a CT scan? Oh, I have also had severe pain in the right liver/kidney area. So sorry for the long question. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it so much.
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Most cysts are not cancerous.

That said, since you are concerned, have you talked to your doctor about running some tests for cancer? There are some pretty simple blood tests that can indicate whether or not you have ovarian cancer.



Your symptoms aren't common with ovarian cancer, and could indicate something else going on, so continue to work with your doctor. Make sure to let your doctor know you have these symptoms.

Best of luck!
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