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How long does it take to get the test results?
I am wondering whether anyone could tell me when the test results would be ready.

My father has passed away from voicebox cancer early this year. A few days ago, my mum went to see a stomach doctor because she felt there is pain in the stomach and the family doctor had seemed to feel some lumps pressing deep into her stomach. She had also lost 5 kg since March and had lost her appetite.

She went for a colon scope yesterday and the doctor said he could not perform it because it was blocked by something. She went for a CT scan and they found some fleshy lumps - apparently once of the lumps is blocking the intestine. The doctor get a gynae involved and she went for a CT scan. They found two 5 cm lumps at the ovary, three 3 cm lumps at the ovaries and a couple of small lumps spread around the area.  
They also took a blood test and x-ray of the lungs. They then performed a biopsy and some samples were sent to the lab for testing.

One of my mother friend's was able to locate the gynae who told her that the 'situation looks bad and it may be cancer'. I spoke to the doctor later but he refused to confirm anything until all the test results are back. When my father was diagnozed with cancer last year, we knew it on the same day that my father had cancer after he had his biospy. My friend who had a scare a few years earlier over a benign lump in her breast also knew on the same day of the biospy. So I am really puzzled why it would take one week for the test results to be known.

I looked up the web on the type of tests and I was scared witless as these tests were standard tests for ovarian cancer. And judging from what the doctor is willing to reveal, it may have spread and it may be stage 3 or stage 4.

My mum is not dumb - not after going through with my father. And she speculated it may be ovarian cancer. When pressed, she told me that she knew something was not quite right with her female parts over 20 years ago after she gave birth to my sister. But she had ignored the symptoms until recently when she started to feel bloated and had lost weight. Now looking at the symptoms, I could see that there are indicators all along. A few years back, she seemed to have problem controlling her urine and occasionally, she complained that she felt bloated. Now, I really feel guilty for not making her to go for a proper check up. None of the family doctors seemed to detect anything wrong with her to warrant for further testing -- and she is the person who insisted to see this stomach/colon doc (and now the gynae) even though the family doctor is not sure whether there are any lumps in her stomach where she insisted there are.

I am really so afraid that it is ovarian cancer. I just lost my father earlier this year and I fear the worst. So, could some kind soul tell me how long does the test results can take?
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Hi -  I am so sorry to hear that you are going through of all of this.  I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  The standard CT test takes approx 48 hours.  The CA-125 blood test also takes the same aount of time but can come back with 8 hours.  I don't think there is any way to tell it's ovarian cancer unless they actually remove the masses and biopsy them.  They can do a quick biopsy in the Operating Room but the full pathology comes back in 4 - 5 days.  Please let us know what happens.  Hugs xoxo
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