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How long have women on this network survived thus far with grade 3 ovarian cancer ?

I was diagnosed with grade 3 ovarian cancer in July 2016. My doctors are reluctant to discuss survival rate with me. So I go to the internet and find that 5 year survival is 35-40% Another site said 15-20% However you look at it, its scary. My chemotherapy doctor always dodges the question. That worries me too.
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I am the only one on here. I would suggest team inspire ovarian cancer. There are more women. People are not statistics. I was told after stopping treatment in February I would be dead by now. I walk in the pool for an hour and ride a horse. Yesterday I went to the State Fair.

The 5 years statistic is for women who never go into remission. Many women do after the first regime of chemo.
Ovarian cancer is considered a chronic illness. There are many treatments.Women are living longer. 5 year old statistics do not reflect today. The statistics are better.

Doctors just do not know. Every case is individual. Statistics are not right in every case. I make as much of the time I have. I have a bucket list. Some things are small like going out to the fair. Even plans for next week. Exercise and attitude are two things my doctors say keep me going.

Alex or Compressor on team inspire.
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My Mum was diagnosed in Dec 2014 with stage 3 ovarian cancer, she had surgery and started showing signs of remission after first chemo course. About 12 months later her bones started aching again and the fluid in her stomach returned. They were supposed to start chemo again but within a few weeks her kidneys started to fail due to the tumour having grown so much and restricting her other organs. Sadly we lost her in January this year. We didn't realise the survival rate was quite low and we all regret not making the most of the time we had. She seemed to be fine and healthy then suddenly she was gone. I can't imagine what you are going through but think it's wonderful that you are making the most of your life. There are new developments with treatment all the time so keep hope!
I'm truly sorry that you are both going through this and I wish you the best with your journeys.
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I was diagnosed with stage 3B ovarian cancer in Nov-2008; went through 6 cycles of carbo-taxol next few months and have been in remission ever since. That makes it eight years of cancer free life. Each case however is different. Personally I feel a little adjustment to your lifestyle and loads of positive attitude help. I was eating healthy all through my treatment and ensuring I do a bit of cardio to pump more blood. My parents stood firmly by me but that was all the support system I had so I never left work. I always kept myself busy. I would recommend doing anything and everything that keeps your mind off "prognosis". There is no such thing as prognosis. I am aware of people who lived 32 years post diagnosis and died a natural death. Their cancer never returned. A reality check is important but what is more important is to firmly hang on to life and never lose hope. Its your battle and it's entirely up to you how you want to fight. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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