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Hyperthermia IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy

Can you please advise on the effectiveness of  Hyperthermia IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy vs. IP chemo?
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Hi There,

intraperitoneal cisplatin and taxol have been evaluated as drugs for women with optimal surgically removed stage III ovarian cancer. However , it was shown to be very toxic and 60% of women were unable to complete the trial.

Hyperthermia or hot chemotherapy has been studied in one gyn malignancy - pseudomyxoma peritonei and in advanced mucinous tumors of the intestinal track. It has not been used as standard therapy for epithelial ovarian cancer
best wishes
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Hello mrothschild

In cases of peritoneal involvement in ovarian cancer, Hyperthermia IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) is more effective in killing tumor cells and in the depth of penetration than IP. I'm not sure about the toxicity bit in the post above since many patients with Pseudomyxoma peritonei are women, they receive it as a standard therapy, they are able to complete the course, and research is clear on its effectiveness. You may want to check out centers that deal with Pseudomyxoma peritonei and look up their regiments for ovarian cancer. I suggest Sugarbaker oncology at the Washinton Hospital Center.

I hope this helps,
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I have pseudomyxoma peritonei and have had complete cytoreduction and HIPEC (Sugarbaker Procedure) I've had a total 30 hours of surgery in 3 ops over 18 months, to remove all visible tumour and mucin, and 2 lots of HIPEC. HIPEC was gentle compared to accounts of standard IP or systemic chemo - I didn't notice any side-effects apart from some very minor hair thinning within the first month. My first 6 monthly CT following the completed surgery is stable with 2 x less than 2.5cm spots on my liver, my whole abdomen appeared to be 'spray painted white with tumour prior to surgery according to my surgeon.

There has been consistently good results with PMP and there is some, but not much,research regarding bowel, ovarian and peritoneal cancers available on the internet but they do tend to be medical papers and heavy-reading.

If I had ovarian cancer I would certainly be seriously investigating the possibility of HIPEC and after much research on PMP feel that HIPEC it could be one of the more promising treatments of the future. Several of the PMP surgeons (including Sugarbaker) in the US do treat ovarian and bowel cancers, check out PMP surgeons on the PMP Awareness site.

Good luck

Lisa xxx
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Dear Lisa
thank you so much for your comments and for sharing your experience
take care
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