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Hypoechoic Vascular Mass on Right Ovary

I recently had an ultrasound done due to extreme pain on my right ovary.  According to the clinical observation reports comments from the Technologist impression:  I had RT Uterine pendunculated fibroids 4.3X3.6X4.1 CM, and RT OV Hyoechoic vascular mass 1.7X1.7X1.3 CM along with endemtrium thickness 11.3mm.  The would like me to wait 6 to 8 weeks and have another Ultrasound, however my pain continues, and I keep running a low grade fever (99.0 to 100.0).  I am 50 years old an have started premenopause.  Should I be concerned about the mass?  My mother had taken DES when she was pregnant with me to prevent miscarrying me and I know that has resulted in some uterine cancers.  I am weighing whether to wait or push to have them remove the mass and biopsy it rather than wait 6 to 8 weeks, or am I just over reacting?
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