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I Am So Sorry!

In returning to the site, I find that so many of you are hurting by losses and continued disease progression.  I am shocked to learn of Leslee as well as MSJazz (Donna).  Please accept my condolences for all of these losses; I am heart-broken to say the least.  I haven't been on in a while because I just don't think I belong here anymore, but as I said before, you all have no idea how you helped me through such a dark and lonely time in my life when I did not know what was to happen; you are all angels sent to me and I pray for each and every one of you as well as your families that grieve and cry for you!  You will all be forever in my thoughts and prayers and I thank you from the bottom of my heart that I found this site during that awful time in my life.

Also, we lost our dear brother-in-law (age 51!) to his battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma on Halloween.  He battled this disease for 15 years when they only gave him three years tops in the beginning.  However, he saw his children grow as well as walked his daughter down the aisle two weeks before his passing; we all know he held on for that and then gave in to the horrendous monster inside of him.  Apparently, this was a pact he made with God 15 years ago - to see his two children on their way to success in this world and he was granted that!

Keep praying and try not to give in/up.  I know, easy for me to say, but getting to know all of you over the past two years, I know you are all very strong women.  May God be with you and may peace be yours...............

Love, Elizabeth
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Elizabeth, please do stay.  With all the losses and tough times the ladies are going through they really need to be reminded of your successes.  Thanks for coming back.
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  As I have told you, you are always welcome here. As Trudie said, the good news that we hear from those as yourself are always a pick me up.
  I am sorry for the loss of your brother in law.
And I hope that you will not stay away so long. You are as much a part of this forum as the rest of us.
Love Chris
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