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I am having endometrioma cyst in my left ovary.why I am not conceiving?

I was having sharp pain in my lower abdomen and brown discharge in between my periods. I went for an unlatrasound n TVS it show fluid in POD and endometrioma cyst in left ovary diameter(8.4 cc). I m not conceiving. Me and my husband are trying from last 1 yr. WHAT ARE THE POSSIBLE REMEDIES?
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An endometrioma cyst can impair fertility. So can its associated disease, endometriosis. What did your doctor say about the cyst? You should also ask him/her about your problems conceiving and suggestions for getting help. Best of luck to you.
Right now she is giving me antibiotics for PID . First she will treat fluid in POD and after that she said that I can try conceiving. But I am scared how long will it take to cure endometrium cyst and Fluid in POS?
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