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I am post op, stage1c

I got home from the hospital on Saturday. It turns out during my laparotomy they did find a malignant tumor on my left ovary. I left with a full hysterectomy at 34. I thank God for my 2 beautiful girls. If it hadn't been for my follow up appt for my 1 year old I might not have known this tumor was there. The large cyst did burst once it was exposed which is the reason for the c in my diagnosis per doc. The good news is all biopsies are back and everything is clear! Dr. recommends 3 rounds of preventative chemo but he said I am in good shape and very lucky. I feel great just a bit sore. I am starting to get nervous about the chemo. I am still absorbing the fact I had a hysterectomy let alone cancer. All this happened in a month! Any advice out there??
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Hi there,

I too had stage 1c of Ovarian Cancer because of the cyst bursting in my abdomen. I am now clear after 10 1/2 months.  I am doing great, nothing spread and am feeling fine once I go through my bouts of fear still.  

I did not have the stereotypical chemotherapy, however, so I cannot assist you there. I have had a full hysterectomy at 39 so I am about 5 years ahead of you there. I too thank god for the son I was given and am blessed to have him here today.

I look back now and think, wow...did I really go through all of that.  I am very hopeful you will be okay, because that means I will be okay. There by the grace of god go I....

My sister is terminal. They took the spot off her lung today (cervical cancer). We had hope that maybe it was lung cancer instead in which it would be a stage 1 and she wouldn't be terminal...no such luck. There is nothing more they can do. Her words to me today, don't let a day go by that you don't tell those dear to you they love you...I think that is good advice for us all.  

It is quite a ride you are going through, but you will make it, because I will too...Ovarian cancer is usually caught in stage 3 or 4 and that is why it is so deadly. We are the lucky ones.  

Good luck and God Bless,
Danielle DeMaso
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I have been waiting for you to post and let us know what was going on.  I am so sorry to hear that it turned out malignant - but it sounds like your circumstances are not even close to dire and that all will turn out well.

I hope and pray that you are resting and taking things easy.  I believe it is probably doubly important now that you heal properly and fully.

If there is anything I can do - other than be an ear and a shoulder - please do not hesitate to ask.

Keep your shoulders back and your head up!  You have no reason to live in fear.  Perfect love casts out fear.....

In Him,
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wandering did you have a CA125 before the surgery. I have just had my rt ovary removed and tube. the tumor was inside my ovary.I am still waiting for biopsy results.  Had surgery the 15th..hoping to know this week.  My ca125 was normal but Doc said that in early stage cancer of ovaries it can be normal. I have this sinking feeling that I am in the same thing you were. They got my tumor out intact.So hoping if it is cancer it is stage 1A. I am 35 so our situation seems similiar. The waiting is wearing me down.

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I'm so sorry to hear how everything turned out for you. I know it's not much of a consolodation, but you are so fortunate this was caught at an early stage because, as Danielle said, it's usually found at stage 3 or 4. It sounds like you kind of had the same situation as me - went into surgery expecting one thing and waking up with another. I had tumors in my pelvis and my Dr's assured me they were pretty sure they were benign. I woke up from surgery with a total hysterectomy, bladder and bowel ressection and stage 3c cancer - I was 26yrs old. I am still mourning my loss of fertility - it will probably be easier to deal with once your chemo is done (as in, focus on the chemo, and deal with the fertility loss when your cancer's behind you). That's just been my expierence. Don't let anyone make you feel bad for being upset about it either. I have one little boy and realize I'm blessed to have him, but it hurt so bad when everyone would dismiss my pain by saying "well, atleast you have a child" - it still hurt. My advice to you at this point is get your hormone levels checked. If you are planning on taking HRT after your surgery, it's easier to judge what you may need in terms of doses if they have something to go by. Talk to your Dr about your options - it's a frustrating grey area to get into, but having a place to start and being informed is half the battle! As for the chemo, it's totally manageable and nothing you can't handle - I PROMISE. Do you know if your having Taxol and Carboplatin? Sometimes they will just give you carboplatin, and the list of side effects, while still bothersome, are significantly less than if you took Taxol as well. The taxol will make you lose your hair, and that was the worst part for me. I had maybe 3-4 days of nausea out of the four months I had chemo - not too bad, if you ask me! I also had bad joint pain in my legs and ankles, but only for about 4 days after chemo and I could keep it under control with demerol. There are great anti-nausea meds and pain meds available now - if somethings not working for you, they'll try another. As for the CA125 in the other post, mine was only 46 with stage 3c - it's not a reliable marker in pre-menopausal women. I've heard of post-menopausal women with my stage having CA125's in the thousands. A Dr would never diagnose cancer based on this blood test - it can only be diagnosed through surgery. I really hope this helps you a little. Get your questions together and ask us anything - whatever you need to know to calm your fears. Keep us updated....
Take care,
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I have been thinking of you and praying for a positive result. I am so glad it was found early with a 1C diagnosis. Even though my 14cm was benign, I cant help but check back and pray for all of you sweet women because we have all walked the same path of emotions,through testing and surgeries. I will continue to pray for a good chemo phase. The experiences shared sounds like it is definitely tolerable and a livable experience. GOOD, GOOD LUCK.

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The Hematology/Cancer dr. came in to s/w me about the chemo. I have written down Taxol & Carboplatin. He said I would lose my hair and would feel tired but shouldn't feel nauseous. We'll see. I will talk w/him on the 8th & make sure he knows I am a queasy stomach girl. I want to get this started right away. I figure no good comes from waiting & I'd rather be hairless in the winter for hats and all. Silly but I am starting to get nervous about the hair part.Even though I'd shave my whole head forever for a lifetime with my family. I saw my sister lose hers at 22 during her battle w/ leukemia so I know what to expect. I think it's the eyebrow part that's freaking me out. Anyway, this dr. did ask about my CA 125 levels and I told him unless they checked it before surgery I wasn't aware of having it done yet. He said he just wants to use it for comparison. Once I know I'll get back to you about it definitely. I am sure once I start doing chemo I'll really start to absorb the cancer that was removed. I just want to know I am okay but I am sure I'll still always worry it'll come back. Apparently it was a clear cell & papillary serous carcinoma (i am still learning) which is a bit of a wild card but they are confident they got it all out. It hits me once in a while that the option of more kids has been made for us...but honestly, I am pretty sure I was done. Having a 2 & 1 year old is exhausting. It is sad and I feel I am mourning this oppty a bit but nothing extreme. I am a very positive person by nature so either that's helping or I doing my avoidance routine which I sometimes do too. I have to...we lost my sister, father, mother and grandfather in 4 straight years since 2001...my youngest sister, nieces, daughters and husband need me and I am not about to go anywhere! Thanks for all the love and support you have shared with me. This site kept me sane and still does. It's so nice to have friends out there. xoxo - Lori
ps. Danielle, words cannot express what you are going through. I've been there and feel your pain and sadness. Your sister is right...tell everyone you love them every chance you get. I happened to have that chance the night before my sister passed. I didn't have that chance with my mom. I tell my kids every day (sometimes constantly) and my husband every morning and every night. Be strong but don't dismiss your feeling either. It's so very hard and if you ever need anyone to talk to please write me.
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