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I just found out I have an enlarged ovary! Can someone tell me what it is.please

I just found out I have an enlarge ovary on my right side...I had experienced a period for over 3 weeks then it stopped...during this time I was experiencing some real bad back pain and abdomin pain...My doctor told me the results of the ultra sound but my gynocologist hasn't called me due to her not being in the office...I am 38 almost 39 and worried to death about this...my 3 pregnancies were all cesarians and I had my tubes cut, tied and burned...I don't know to much about enlarged ovaries but have been reading online...I think I am going through menopause also because I have been having the nights and day sweats and get so angry every time I get them...if anyone knows about the enlarged ovaries and what usually happens when you get them please let me know...thanks so much..worried in Virginia
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hey virginia,

my doctors also found my ovary to be 'enlarged'. it was actually the same size as my uterus on my first ultrasound. it was pretty inconclusive from that point so they sent me for a detailed scan ultrasound.
this revealed it is a complex cyst (having both solid and liquid parts) between my uterus and left ovary with possible impeding of the ovary - it just looked like the ovary itself was enlarged on the initial ultrasound.  but really that is all they know until i see the gyno - which i am scheduled for August 29th.  
he will probably examine me, check out my ultrasound results and schedule me for a laparoscopy (according to my doctor) to get it out of there and determine what it is.

hope this helps a bit. not sure if there is any relation with your previous childbirths.

i am 26 with no children.
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thank you so much for your help and comment...it helps a little bit, I am just worried if they will remove the ovary or give me a hysterectamy (might not be spelled right) or just leave it there..the doctor could not put me on the pill for I smoke and I have a family history of blood clots and also my mother had uterin cancer when she was young, just worried until I hear from my gynocologist...thanks for your help...
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I also just found out I have an enlarged ovary.  The CT scan says that the left ovary is enlarged with heterogeneous attenuation.  What exactly does this mean?  Also, I have an extremely large uterus.  I have had two children one three and one seven months.  Via c-section both.  I have not been right since my last pregnancy.  At my eight week visit I had an IUD put in and had it removed within three weeks due to pain.  Then two months later I had my tubes clamped and I have had bowel problems since May after the Tubal.  The OB sent my to a GI doctor which did a colonoscopy and then the CT scan.  He originally thought that the OB may have did something to my bowels.  But the tests did not prove that.  When my tubes were tied I had a severe amount of scar tissue wrapped around my tube and he had to disturb that in order to get to my tube.  I am still having bowel problems and the GI said it is related to something that the OB would have to address.  I did not have this bowel problem until my tubes were tied.  The ct scan showed my ovary enlarged what does this all mean.  Is the scar tissue laying or pressing on my bowels the ob said maybe but it would be hard to diagnose.  What do I do.  Any suggestions.  I was scheduled for a hysterscopy and endometrial abrasion with a d and c.  But I am having second thoughts with all of this happening.  My uterus is enlarged anyway so he said eventually I could need a hysterectomy anyway.  >HELP>
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your history sounds alot like mine, alot of scarring post tubal ligation and an enlarged uterus....my uterus was boggy and had hyperplastic cells upon removal biopsy (at 31, now I'm 33) then last year my ovary was 10cm on ultrasound which turned out to be an inclusion cyst (scar baggies is how I describe it)and they are ever returning.  How old are you and are you still trying to conceive or thinking of it?  I was just wondering if you started planning your next step yet.
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oh, that last one was to lulu.  My inclusion cyst had engulfed my ovary and tube and was stuck all in between my vagina and bowels.  VERY PAINFUL!  It actually radiated to both hips and was mistaken for something completely bowel related.  They kept trying to put me on spastic bowel meds but I knew it was more of a something is in the way issue.  Finally found it with ultrasound.
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I am in the process of recovering from laprasopic surgery. The doctor removed my left ovary and fallopian tube.  I had an enlarged ovary. (It was determined after numerous CA125 tests that I could have ovarian cancer-am still waiting on the results of the biopsy report).

During the surgery, my doctor found that I have extreme endometriosis, but since my consent order for surgery was removal of the ovary and fallopian tube, he could not remove the other ovary and my uterus.  At some point down the road I am going to have to have it all removed.  It is very upsetting to me because I was told it would be a miracle if I got pregnant since the endometriosis is so extreme.  I am still in the process of recovering from surgery, so I do not think I have absorbed all of this information very well.  

I am not trying to scare you; I am just telling you what has happened with me. I hope for you that all it is a cyst, and that once it is removed, you will be fine.
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hi i am sorry that i can not be much help on everything but i just found out a week ago that my right ovary is bigger than my left twice the size.i ahve looked and search all over the internet and all i get is cancer, cysts. i am 23 and i have 4 childs, can someone please help me and give me an answer, i have called the gy dr but they don't know nothing until i get a transvaginal ultarsound sorry about the spelling but what i am getting about everything from readind is everything looks more like cancer i have no mass  everything else is fine. please help me
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STAM72 - Sorry for getting back to you so late.  I am 30 and I already have two beautiful kids 3 1/2 and 7months.  Since my last post which was last month I have had a Endometrial Ablation, hysterscopy, d & c and Polyups removed from the inside of the uterus (the works).  I still have the cyst on my ovary but the doctor wants to wait until Oct/Nov to see how much bigger it has gotten.  He said there is a chance it could go away on its own.???  If it doesn't than we will do the transvaginal ultrasound to see how much it grew.  Lately it has not bothered me too bad, my mind has been on the other procedure I just had done and waiting for those pathology results.  I have been preoccupied.  Today I go for my follow-up appointment from the endometrial ablation.  Since I have choosen to have this done this means I cannot have any more children.  There is no turning back.  The procedure burns out the inside of you uterus and clamps the blood vessel to relieve menstral flow.  Possibley get rid of it completely.  60% success rate.
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sounds like you have been through a lot. i go monday to get a transvaginal ultarsound to find out what is going on hopefully they can give me answers. all i know is my ovary is enlarged enough to for them to say something might not be right. my right ovary is twice the size than my left. i hope you get to feeling better about everything and that everything goes good for you.
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I have an enlarged fallopian tube on my right side.
I want to have a baby and I am scared for what
they may do. Does anybody know the procedure
for this and how long the healing process is
before I can start getting pregnant?
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I too have an enlarged ovary with solid and liquid mass (my ovary is 3 times the size it should be).  I have chosen to have an ultrasound in 4 weeks and if the tumor has not gotten smaller then I am scheduled for a laproscopy. My mother's mom died of ovarian cancer but none of my aunts have developed it so far.  I have told my dr during my laproscopy that if he finds endemetrosis or if he suspects it is cancerous to do a complete hysteromecty.  I am 37 and have never had children.  We tried for many years.  I do a C125 test every year and have for the last 5 years (since my grandmother was diagnosed and died)  Please keep up with your exams.  My mother feels I should go ahead and have the surgery and not wait, however I can't get in for 4 weeks anyway.  I figured if I have to wait I'll take BC pills and have another ultrasound before surgery just in case it is something that will go away.  Please let us know what you find out.
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I just found out I have an enlarged ovary on my right side via cat-scan. In December of 06 I had a paritial hysterectomy and they left my ovaries and my cervix. I had admyoius (totally misspelled) and fibriods on my uterus it was also fairly enlarged. My doctor has now asked for me to get an MRI done. It seems from reading everyones comments most have had to have the ovary removed. I am in consistant pain ...I'm alwasy uncomfortable but at times it is really painful and I have to stop what I'm doing. The reason I had the hyster. was to get rid of the pain...this is very frustrating
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