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I think the cyst is back....

Ladies... I'm back for more support... (I know, I'm a wuss, but I have no one here to help with it, and y'all are just the best).
I posted awhile back about how maybe the Depo-Provera wasn't being completely successful (had the pre-period feeling, light, light spotting, etc). Now I'm back to a full fledged light period (roughly what you'd normally have on the last two days..bleeding, but not bad) and have been for about a week. I also have the same symptoms that I had before surgery. Side aches, occasional sharp pains, needing the bathroom more, the 'tingly' feeling, and I'm getting crabby again. If the Depo's not working, then likely the Endo is growing, and from the pressure and pain, I'm thinking the cyst is back.
My gyn said that if the cyst came back, and was bad again, then she'd recommend the removal of the ovary. I REALLY don't want another surgery... I react poorly to anesthesia, hated the weak feeling, and it terrifies me to have that chunk of time missing from being asleep.
I know I've been stressed lately (ever have that feeling that you're stretched so thin that the next thing to go wrong will make you snap?) from other things, and this is just starting to be the last straw. I have an appointment tomorrow with my gyn to tell her about what's going on, and I want another TVUS to check. I'm going to insist on it.
Is there anything else y'all can recommend?
Anyone have advice on the whole Endo thing? (I know plenty about the cysts now, but apparently very little on Endo).
Thanks all, and hugs to everyone.
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Hi there....geeze...what a nightmare this stuff can be....I don't think testicles give anyone as much trouble as our baby making organs do!  SO UNFAIR!  I have no advice...only sympathy and compassion....some days really stink...kitten22 (Sharon) is suffering parallel to you....maybe you two could exchange wisdom...if you're going to have surgery..please make certain you have the best specialist at your side....you know you need a gyn/oncologist doing your surgery...right? I can certainly understand your frustration...I don't ever want to have surgery again either....but, being miserable and in pain all the time is not a viable option ....it's kind of a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation..the best thing you can do for yourself right now... to rid yourself of the frustration... is to continue comming here and giving it to us...we are always listening .....we will all be here for you....
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No-one wants extra surgery and certainly the going under is a bummer.  I can relate to the feeling of being stretched so thin - it is happening to me right now.  As for the endo bit - sorry can't help you there only offer you much needed support right now.

You give so much to others, now it is time for me to say I hope all works out for you and that it is just stress and not a cyst.

Best wishes
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I'm sorry to hear you are having problems again.  I hope your gyn is able to give you some ideas about what is going on, and that it isn't anything that requires more surgery.  You were kind enough to offer your support to me, so I would be very happy to offer my support to you.  If you need in-person support, I'll be there in a flash (well, okay, a 4-5 hour flash!)  Hang in there, and let us know what you find out.

Gail :)
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Thanks Gail.... My appt is this afternoon, and I'm sitting here with the same bloody pain, and wishing I was there now. On the plus side, having dealt with it before will make me very aggressive in making sure it gets treated right! *stupid little aliens*
Thanks all, and if anyone knows any more about Endo, pass it along if you can (more honest info than that Endometriosis Center can give..can you believe they want to charge women for information? And not just a little copying fee or postage??!?? It just outraged me that they're charging that much for a sheet of paper that may contain answers for some women who are dealing with this on a daily basis! ..sorry...venting...)
This whole thing blows, and just to top it off, we just found out that there are cancer markers in my family (Mom was adopted, and had been looking for siblings. Found two sisters and biological mother... lots of fun things like cancers and diabetes in the family), so that's going to be something I have to watch for now too.
On the bright side, I guess I'll always be proactive about my care now!
Thanks again, everyone.... Hugs to all!
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