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IAA / Vitamin C therapy - which supplements?

I have one urgent question: Rechecking the Q&A of Kansas university's integrative med site questionnaire recently, I found out that we would have had to take oral supplements along with the IVC (intravenous vitamin C or IAA).  Mom's physician gave me the protocol in answer to my question, but whn I went through it I realized there is no mentioning of exactly which supplements in which proportions are needed. This is a little scary as we have been doing IVVC for several months now, and the supplements are supposed to be vital for the IVVC to work, other than diet.

I understand this is done individually. We left another note for her doctor, but it's impossible for either of us to get in direct contact right now. As of now we have been taking oral C plus Zinc, Spirulina (B12) selenium, now added maitake, fish oil (D). (own research). I know A and E can be toxic if overdozed. Can someone share which antioxidants, which dosage, they are taking orally along with this particular therapy?

Thank you for your help, it will be highly appreciated!
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During the last few weeks of my mom's life in desperation I have tried IVC Vitamin C and followed the dosage tried in several patients of the American Osteopathic Association. I read the article issued by The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (JAOA)
(http://www.jaoa.org/cgi/content/full/107/6/212?eaf) as well as References below the article. My mom's Oncologist kept a close eye on my mom's condition during this treatment and especially her blood pressure but she was always sceptical about IVC treatment. The only difference she said was that Vit C helped my mom with her anaemia, nausea and pain. My mom has been taking Maitake in high dosages prior to this treatment but during the last few weeks of her life she asked me not to give her any because her stomach could not digest anything.
I don't know what you can make of it, everyone's body is different and  this is only for your information. But I know that my mom did not suffer from much pain and I believe that this was due to IVC treatment.
Hope it helps. Peace
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