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IBS..and what is a full GI workup

Hi. My doctor told me a few years back I had IBS. I've had two colonoscopies, in 2010 and 2015. Both came out clean, per different doctors. The 2015 one was in march. In November 2015 I drank a cuban coffee, felt a spasm and ended up with on and off diarrhea for 5-6 weeks. When it wasn't diarrhea, it seemed like a blockage. The diarrhea was water shooting out at one point. By the end of the 6th week or so everything finally died down. I took a hyomax pill for IBS and the next day stools were forming. Not sure if it was a coincidence.

For the past few months this Autumn, I've had stabbing pains in my left side. Sometimes very local, and sharp. Other times it felt like my left side was dilating. At some point close to Thanksgiving I tried cutting my Omeprazole for my GERD from 40mg to 20mg. I felt a whoosh of pain going up my left side under the ribcage. A few days later, I woke up (day after Thanksgiving) at 3am with pain, had a diarrhea attack, felt sweaty, chills, and there were three teaspoon shaped flat spills of blood at the bottom of the bowl. I went to the ER where they said "Focal point colitis" and the Ct scan showed signs of inflammation. It said "suggest inflammation/infection rather than ischemia."

I had no fever. Full bloodwork  showed elevated neutrophils but no other strange WBC readings or other readings.

I did print a paper that more or less was titled "IBS with microscopic colitis and neutrophil reaction" etc, so I'm wondering if this was it. My current GI doc doesn't seem to give a lot of feedback. I've had health anxiety for years, and he knows it. He doesn't seem to think or mention anything more serious like Chronic colitis, because of my good colonoscopy results back in early 2015.

It's been 2 weeks and 4 days more or less, and I still feel a little dilation in my left, and I've had a hard time going. When I do go, it's the width of a finger at most. I got fed up with not going, so last week I had a coffee. I was fine. Yesterday I had a coffee, it made me go, but everything was still finger-width. This morning I had one and had bad cramps and pain when I was going. So, for now I'm going to stop that.

That's most of the story. I've been looking at posts in this community and some keep saying don't accept the IBS diagnosis until you've had a "full GI workup." I'm just wondering what that is.

I have an appointment with another gastroenterologist on Jan 2nd, for a 2nd opinion. I'm really worried.
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