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Last fall I had a fast 25lb weight gain with severe abdominal cramping and bloating.  After 3 different doctors I was finally diagnosed with Helicobacterial Pylori, which is an infection within abdomen. The 2nd doctor I visited was of no help whatsoever and although I informed the office I had a recent phsyical exam if I needed another to determine my ailment than so be it. The only thing he did was ask approx. 20 questions of medical history, check my ears and heartbeat and than asked me to remove my shirt and bra so he could examine my breasts and than all he did was stand back and look at my breats for an embarrassing amount of time. He than informed me I need to lose weight as I was terribly overweight. The 3rd and final Dr. did a series of tests including bloodwork and other comprehensive tests and discovered the ailment. I have just recieved a bill from 2nd Dr for a full phsyical exam at $200. and I am outraged as not only did he not diagnose problem, but there was no true physical exam performed. What is my recourse at this point and how do I report such unethical behaviors?
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Contact the medical board, do a search on the internet for your County name and medical board, that is assuming you live in the states.  What a pervert that doctor sounds to be!  I agree, it is a joke what you get as and for medical care at the rediculous fees they charge.  If I had energy left in me, I would be doing the same thing on a few here in Nevada.  In order to get any satisfaction, you have to be clear, concise and direct to the point of what he did, how you don't consider that medical care or why it wasn't, how it made you feel and that you wholeheartedly disagree with being billed, but rather he be made to pay for the REAL doctor you had to go see afterward.  Good Luck.
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Sorry, it is the State Board (not County) that is if he is a MD, if he is a DO you have to go elsewhere.  Let me know if you are in the states and where and I'll find a link for you.
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I am in California and thanks for your help.
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www.medbd.ca.gov   and   www.ombc.ca.gov  if DO
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I should have probably made myself a little more clear, just tired.  Expressing the bill and that you feel this doctor should pay it, will not help get the bill paid or any monetary settlement for you.  That's just me, showing my disgust in some of these doctors, charging to unbelievable amounts for things like this or in my case walking into an emergency room in bad pain which has been building up a few months after a hysterectomy and telling them I am stuffed up and havn't been able to go, I think adhesions.  I ended up leaving the hospital being told Yep, your filled to the gills with a bottle of a laxative drink and prescription for more in my hand.  The bill comes to over $3,000.00.  Not one thing was done to see why I was blocked.  So, my point back to the Medical Board.  They are only there to watch over the doctors, and they don't know what you are doing until you report it.  They investigate it and punish the doctor(s) as they feel necessary.  Sometimes take their license away.  If you don't feel you should pay for it, cc the report to the Medical Board to the clinic you saw the doctor at with a short cover letter asking them to credit the bill.
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Thanks Teresa, that's good advice for all!  MV
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