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Hi,My mum has ov/ca stage iv . She had surgery 3 years ago and since then has constantly been on chemo. Carboplatin,then caelyx then topotekan. The cancer has spread to the liver and the topotekan kept it at bay for a while wbut the tumours are now growing quite quickly. Her Onc has just told her that since the topotekan is not now working then that is it-the only possibility is to try carboplatin again but that her system probably wouldn't take it now. She has an appt to spk to someone on the meadical research side of things tomorro to see if there is any research durugs and to see if she wld be suitable. My questions is, after reading on here I have heard lots of ladies try chemo for longer that my Mum and try more than three types. Surely there is some other chemo to try. Can anyone give me some names of other chemo that they have had so that I can mention to the Proffessor tomorro please
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Your mum's doc may think her body may not be strong enough to withstand more chemo.  Quality of life issues may take precedence.  That is where I am.
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i didn't see doxil or avastin on your list of chemos. also gemzar, taxol or taxotere. all of these are used to treat OVCA, though I'm owndering if avastin was approved or is still in clinical tests. Either way though, its an option too.

take care fo your mum! make sure her wishes for her care are fulfilled (if she feels she can do more treatment, then advocate for that. if she is tired and needs a break, then advocate for that. or if she is done fighting, that then give her meaningful time, love and humor, and tell her how grateful you are...not sure where you are in the disease process, so forgive me if I'm too presumptuous).

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