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If You Have Had a Laparoscopy

Hi everyone,

Love to all of you.  I am constantly amazed at the support and love that is so freely shared in this forum.
It is a god-send.  Can anyone of you who have had a laparoscopy tell me if your stomach just felt like it was pregnant afterwards?  I am in pain, the normal after surgery stuff, and it is not like I have a flat and filt belly, but I feel like my stomach area is bloated an distended, like larger than before.  Is this normal.  I cannot wear any of my athletic shorts, etc. unless they are riding around my pubic area....I look like an old man with a beer gut!
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My belly felt bloated until my bowels got back to normal. They were working within 48 hours but not at their normal speed. Just bits and pieces if you know what I mean. At least I knew I wasn't blocked but I wanted "normal." I think that was at 2 weeks. Ahhhh. I was so happy.

I didn't feel much gas in there. She said she was going to suck it out after they were done. Guess she got most of it because I didn't have the sharp gas pains, just a few dull aches up between my shoulders. I really do think my bloating was just because I was "full of it." Do move around as much as you can. Not only does it ease the bloating but you'll just feel more "normal."
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with a scope it is usually the practice to pump some air into the belly  so that the scope can move around  the organs better for visibility.  This has to be absorbed into the intestines  for removal, and can take some time, moving around as much as possible and laying on the belly, changing to fetal positions  and drawing legs up,  put a pillow on a table, lay across it and let your legs hang down and  watch the old gas roar out.  The gas pains you can get in the shoulder area, is referred pain,  stay away from foods and drinks that normally cause you gas.  Skinny people get rid of their gas quicker than  the fatter ones, because of the  larger spaces in the belly.
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Hi ,
I have had 3 laparoscopies in the past and my stomach was distended with gas . How many days ago was it ? its normal to feel bloated for a few days after this procedure .

  Take care  Angie
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I didn't have a laparoscopy (got the big 'ole incision), but I'm guessing the bloating is from gas. If it helps; we all end up with that problem no matter the incision type. Try to move around as much as is comfortable...That kinda gets things moving down there. How long has it been since your surgery. I'm, also sure, that plenty others will have advice for you too. Hang in there, sweetie. You'll feel better, soon.

Gentle Hugs,
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