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I'm home and recovering....

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!  Something worked as the surgery went very well.  They did end up taking everything (TAH/BSO along with appendix).  Apprarently I went to the doctor at the right time, as my cyst was/is cancerous and was contained - so no chemo or radiation will be needed.  I don't have the biopsy results yet and will go back to have my staples removed this Friday....so hopefully I will know more.  My Gyn said that I will have another CA125 pulled (probably on Friday) with additioanl follow up visits, but not sure what that will be.

I'm very glad to be home...Saturday night was hell once they took me off the morphine drip - it took a while to find something that would cut the pain.

Again, thank you and my thoughts are prayers are with everyone!!

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I am so glad you are home and sounds like you have great news.  Take it easy and welcome to the Recovery Side.  You'll be back in the saddle before long.  Sending you a big hug!
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Congrats...you are a wise woman who dealt with her disease at the earliest moment possible....you are truely in tune with your body.....we should all be so vigilent!
Again....congrats; now go out and celebrate!
Peace to you and youirs.
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Welcome home candy,

Your are in my thoughts and prayers, so glad to hear that everything worked out for you.take care and lots of rest and hugs your friend toni
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That is great news ,that it was caught early..Take it easy and get lots of rest and dont do like the rest of us and try to over do it..Prayers and hugsssssss...lou
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Wonderful news, congratulations!  Another insightful woman who knows her own body looks cancer in the face and says 'pfffffffffffftttttttttt' to you!  Take it slow and easy and eat lots of fiber.

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