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Immature Teratoma Survivor Now Pregnant!

I know it's been way too long since I have been on the forum! I just wanted to encourage immature teratoma and other germ cell cancer survivors that have one ovary left, and others who need to hear a success story (well, so far, anyway...LOL). I came into the dr.'s office with extreme abdominal pain and ended up in the hospital on Sept. 30th, 2005. I had a laparotomy, lost my ovary and tube, and was diagnosed with immature teratoma on Oct. 3rd, 2005. In April 2007, I had a benign cyst removed from my remaining ovary. I was so concerned that it may be hard to conceive another baby, but after 7 months of trying, I am now  4 months (almost 5 months) pregnant and due Sept. 29th, 2010. I feel like I am coming full circle because I am due exactly five years from the time that the ovca was discovered. I was always told that having another baby was possible, but I always thought that it would be a lot harder to conceive than the drs were telling me. So far, I had an ovarian cyst in the beginning of my pregnancy that, even though drs assured me it was normal, they still monitored by u/s to make sure. The cyst had dissolved on my last u/s on March 8th. I am so excited! Please be encouraged if you have one ovary and you want another baby. It is possible! :)
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Wow, Congrats to you! I remember your name from  long time ago on this forum - I'm so happy you came back to share your great news with us!
It is very inspiring to read stories such as this...when women lose one ovary to a cancer diagnosis, they lose quite a bit of hope of ever being able to have a baby of thier own. Stories such as yours are proof that miracles can and do happen :)
Best of luck to you....
Becky xx
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Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
We need to see as many positive and encouraging stories on here as possible!  There are many (including me at one time) that found this site invaluable for research and comfort.

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