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Incision opened up

This morning after using the toilet, I noticed that I was bleeding.  I found that my incision had opened up about an inch.  Is that normal?  Now I have to go to that DOCTOR I'm not fond of and get treated.  Maybe while I'm there I can get my PAP results from 2 months ago.  GEEZ
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Sorry to hear about the incision popping open on you. You're going in today, right? Perhaps if it's small enough you'll get a PA to stitch or staple it together again. Then you can avoid the grumpy doc. Good luck with the pap results too.
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My incision (vertical from TAH/BSO) also opened about an inch from the bottom (pubic bone) about 2 - 3 weeks after surgery. mine did not bleed profusely, but oozed for several weeks (like 5  or 6). My surgeon looked at it and said it was normal and was only surface, not internal part. It did make my scar kinda ugly and thick where it split.

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Hi there,  No..it is definitely not normal and you need to get in right away.   I have a friend who had that happen and it took a full year to heal from a simple gallbladder removal.  She almost lost her life in the process.  Infection can take hold very quickly.  If you don't get successful result with your not so helpful dr. you should go to the ER.  Don't let that condition remain without treatment. Good luck to you.  Let us know how it goes.  

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You definitely need to go today and have that taken care of.  You don't need a nasty infection on top of everything else.  This won't go away by itself and if you don't do it today you could end up in the ER over the weekend and you don' want that.  I am only saying this because one time I put something off cause I didn't like the Dr who was filling in for my GP and I let something go that I shouldn't have.  YIKES!!

I am sorry you have THAT Dr.  He's the one nobody likes.  : - )

This is hard enough without having to deal with freaknut Drs.  As I have said before, I think they should have a medical school class on how to fake empathy when are born without a heart.

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go to the ER and have them attend to this, this could be considered an emergency and  they will either  stitch, staple or put steri strips on the incision.  In the mean time, make sure you protect the opening from infection, wash your hands and put a sterile dressing over it and anchor with tape.
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please go to the dr or er a.s.a.p. you dont want to get an infection...my incision ended up getting infected because i was cut open 2x for 2 different surgeries in the same spot my wound got so infected and boy did it hurt! Not only that I developed a fever and felt terrible. Please post when u get a chance..Good Luck..Gia :)
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I went to the Dr's office after posting this.   The doc wasn't there but his assistant helped me out.  Yep, she put the steri strips on but also brought my attention to the yeast infection that is going on down there.  So more meds and she suggested I use my hair dryer to dry the area instead of towels.  I'm tired now, I need a nap.  Thanks everyone!~
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