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My 72 year old step mother has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, she also as ascities (sic) . What is the chance of survival
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I totally agree with Terry.  There are excellent drugs (Emend, Aloxi, etc) to help with then nausea.  The treatment can be a little rough, but your Mom should be able to handle it.  She'll just want people with her .. not so much while she is getting the tx .. but for the days after when she doesn't feel great.  Hope this helps, Judy
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We've all certainly been there.  I was diagnosed in February 2008 with Stage III OC and I'm still going strong.  On another forum, I actually came across several OC survivors stage 3 and 4  One was diagnosed with Stage III, relapsed 2x and has been clean for 14 years now!!  I wouldn't worry about attaching statistics to survival rates. Just think positively about your step mothers response to treatment.  My first cycles of chemo were taxol/carboplatin. As for the ascities, they can be drained or the chemo will take care of the problem.Keeping up with good nutrition and exercise helps. Attitude means everything. I found that by keeping a daily diary of how I felt after chemo and adjusting the drugs I was given to prevent side effects was a definite help.

Hugs and Prayers, Terry

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