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Information on appendicitis relationship to tumor?

July I had a 13 cm mucinous borderline ovarian tumor removed from my left ovary.  My appendix burst in February (7 months after my TAH-BSO and tumor removal).  

My tumor had a lot of elements that looked very....malignant (eg. mural nodule anaplastic carcinoma, 6-10mm "microinvasion", extensive intraepithelial carcinoma...).  They told me it was all okay and go live my life.  Which I did for a while until in October I started to have symptoms again.  They patted me on the head and said you're 98% cured.  Go home and eat more fibre.  

My appendix ruptured.  Abscess....inflamed everything..peritonitis... emergency laporotomy....  Now I'm having those lovely digestive symptoms again...  And occassionally a small amount of blood on tp after bm.  Going to doc Wednesday next week.

Anyone with anything of the appendix?  Or presentation of a mucinous tumor that was really primary in another site.  Am I just a hypochondriac?
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When I had my "total" hysterectomy, they removed the omentum and my appendix as well.  Both are sites where ovca can spread, according to my doctor.  I'm surprised they didn't take at least your appendix;  it's not like you needed it.  

Surely they did pathology on your appendix (what was left of it) and you know that it wasn't malignant.  So I'm guessing that the doctor will tell you it was an unfortunate coincidence.  

If you're having digestive issues, perhaps it's time for a colonoscopy?  (The bowel prep is far worse than the procedure itself, by the way.)  

Good luck, God bless, and please let us know what the doc says/does.  
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