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Intestinal Obstruction after Colostomy and Ileostomy

My mother has advanced ovarian cancer.  Four months ago, an obstruction caused by the cancer in her intestine led to a colostomy.  A month ago, she suffered another obstruction, and when the doctor began surgery, he found a solid wall of cancer in her lower abdomen and extensive involvement in all but two feet of her small intestine.  He used these two feet to perform an ileostomy.  Also, when he made the incision in her lower abdomen, he cut through her bladder because he said the cancer was hard (like concrete) and he couldn't see beneath its surface.  He used 25 stitches to hold the bladder together, but in his words, he was simply sewing cancer to cancer, and he doesn't believe these stitches will hold.  He also inserted a gastric tube, which we feel she will have for the remainder of her life.

I have two questions.  First, is she still in danger of another obstruction from the cancer, and if this is a danger, is there anything else that could be done? Second, if her bladder ruptures, is it life threatening and could anything be done?

Thank you for any information you can give.
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