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Join me in prayer for my mom

her ascites is out of control. She has this gray look to her. I really think she needs prayers. Its obvious the chemo is not working. Prayers is what my mom needs right now. Her name is Josefa Robaina. Thank you to this forum...
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Your mom has my prayers.  May God provide what she needs to find peace and comfort.  Prayers for you, too.

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Sending my prayers for both you and your Mum.

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Adding my prayers as well. I know the look you mentioned. My Dad had that odd coloring too. Praying for you both and sending hugs to you.

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Your mother has fought so hard for such a long time.  I know you and your family have been suffering right along with her.  My prayers will be offered up for her, and for you and the rest of the family.
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Prayers for your dear mother.

God bless,

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Prayers to your mom, you, and the family.  


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Prayers to you and your mom.....

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Prayers to you and your mom!

Joanna in NH
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You have my prayers for you and your mom. God Bless and may God hear our prayers!!!!!

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Prayers for Josepha and the family.
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Thank you to all for your prayers and good wishes. She has been in alot of pain today. Its so hard to see your mom suffereing. May god help her!
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