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Just Diagnosed today with Ovarian Tumor

Hi- I have never posted to this site but have been reading every single word on it all weekend as I agonizingly waited for test results.  Gyno says I have an ovarian tumor about 10.5 cm and CA-125 over 500.  I had a CT scan last July becasue I had mild pain in my right upper ab; results showed nothing on right side but a small cyst on left ovary.  Follow up was a TV ultrasound last October- showed nothing on rt ovary, left cyst gone.  Last Monday my gyno said he felt nothing abnormal in my pelvic exam and was sure it was gastro - I have acid reflux and had an endo/colonosopy planned for the following day (no serious problems found there).  I am 49, had breast cancer (stage 1, no lymph gland spread, lumpectomy with radiation) 2 years ago and take Tamoxifen.  Periods had always been regular, but stopped month after starting Tamoxifen.  Oncologist says I am not yet in menopause.  I am scared to death this is ovarian cancer and could sure use some support.  Thanks!!
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I know that you are scared, but let me remind you that 99% of ovarian tumors, cysts, masses are BENIGN.  Are you seeing a gyn/onc?  They are specialists in the female reproductive system and have seen everything.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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Thanks, Gatsby.  Your thoughts and prayers mean a lot to me.  Yes, I am seeing a gyn/onco at MD Anderson here in Houston.  I am fortunate to live so close to one of the best cancer treatment centers in the world.  Let's hope it is benign- or caught early since there was nothing alarming on my Oct US.
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