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Just got diagnosed, help

I got diagnosed over a month ago with 1 stage, doctor said I need surgery, but since I don't have insurance he didn't seem to care. He prescribe me Megestrone and told me to fine a job that has insurance so that he can perform the surgery. I don't really trust this doctor, cause timing is a very imporant. It has to be done somehow. I don't know what to do. Am bleeding for a month now, I need your help. Should I do the surgery as soon as possible. What should I know about the surgery, I don't have any idea what to expect. Please need your feed back. Tell me all u know about this surgery. How long does it take to recover. Plus ,do you know any organizations that help people without insurance. desperate for answers. thanks
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A biopsy has been done. What it surprised me was that about 7 month ago I went for GYn and had pop smear, which showed no sign. Doctor said every thing is fine. Can u believe it after another check up ( after 7 month) didin't feel well and I found out that I had it. He said am going to have it removed. But am just 36, single no child and never been married. All in a sudden my life is changing and I worry a lot. Is hysteroctomy the only option? (Thaks for your info Pamnys)
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A pap wouldnt show anything. They gave you a biopsy without removing the mass?

Anna x
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Welcome to the site.  I strongly suggest that you get a 2nd opinion from a gyn/onc.  You should not be denied medical care.  There are agencies that can help.  Please find another dr.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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The lap report (through biopsy)showed that I have it. the pop didn't show anything. How long is hospital stay, and what should I know about survery.
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Thanks, tascha
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As far as the insurance goes(that's my field), in my opinion even if you found a job & got insurance, the insurance would probably deny the surgery & treament as a pre-existing conditon. BUT, there may be other options. I don't know what state you live in but you can see if you are eligible for Medicaid. Also see what chapters are in your area of organizations for Ovarian Cancer. For example/Ovarian Cancer Foundation, etc(I don't know their names but I know there is quite a bit of different ones out there) If you google on the internet & probably will pull some up that you can research. Find one of these & contact them & see if they can help get you hooked up with physicians/hospitals that participate with these organizations & may be able to assist you with funding. I have a friend that had hysterectomy done for fibroids even without insurance & went thru the Medicaid program. There are ways, it may just take a little effort to search them out.
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