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Just informed of life expectancy...

Can you go back on Carbo Platin after unsuccessful results with other chemos?
I was diagnosed with OC stage III in May of 2011.  During surgery my doctor removed a large tumor,my appendix, around 4-6 liters of ascites and did a debulking.  A peritonial port was inserted during surgery which was painful the whole time I had it.  I had a terrible allergic reaction to the Taxol..went to taxotere and carbo platin for 5 cycles.  CT showed reduction in size of my remaining tumors ranging from 2-3 centimeters..CA125 went down then back up.
Since then I have been on Carbo Platin single agent where my CA-125 went from 43 to 23 to 13 then back up to 23..but it was still low.  Because I was on cycle 9, my doctor decided to switch me to Doxil which did not work at all..Due to the side affects of the Doxil I stopped chemo in October of this year for lab and ct scans..Scan showed another small tumor in my spleen and a 1 x 2 x 4 cm lesion on my liver...Last month I had problems with my ascites and had a paracentesis done in the hospital.. Since then I have had terrible abdominal pain and pain on my left and right side right under my ribs.I figure this is due to the lesions in my spleen and liver....My doctor told me I may have maybe six months...Just what a cancer fighter wants to hear..Now she wants to start me on Gamzar but I've heard it drops your WBC to dangeroursely low levels.. She also said I could try Avastin, just not sure..My daughter, son and husband have been very supportive through all this...But now they are fearful I won't make it to my birthday in April. Now I'm not sure whether I should just stop all together, or continue with the chemo...if I do I would prefer it to be carbo platin..
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Wow....that's a lot to deal with. this disease is just horrible.

Remember everyone reacts different to different chemos.  I know people that have had luck on avastin, and avastin has minimal side effects so she had a quaility of life when on that drug.  Also, what about femera or those types of drugs, they are breast cancer drugs, but, sometimes they will stop the growth of ovarian tumors if the tumors are estrogen receptive.   Also, not a chemo, so the side effects are minimal.  

There are always other chemos to try.  They probably won't cure the disease, but, they might help in slowing the progression.

It is very difficult choice, but,  one that only you can make.  You know if you are able to handle the chemo, etc.  

Sending you hugs....and wishing you a very happy holiday with  your family. Continue to create memories and enjoy all the time together.

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