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Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor

Hi Dr. Goodman

My Wife Survived JGCT for last six months ( pls refer my earlier posting below), We wanted to have a Child, when discussed with Doctor, she asked us to try ( after Six months from Surgery)

1. Shall we try for Kids? Will there be any problem?

2. Is JGCT  Hereditary?

Confused, Pls help me

My Previous Posting was;

Hi all,

My wife had just diagnosed with JGCT, she had her surgery before one month ( removed her left ovary which enlarged to 9 cm and about 500 ml of Ascities (Ascities, Lymph Nodes, Omentum = all Negative for Malignancy) Mitioic Rate was 3-4 / 10 HPF, Her Right Ovary , Tubes and Uterus all appeared normal. The doctor had staged 1A,  and suggested no further Treatment. CA 125 before Surgery was 192 and post surgery after 1 month was 15. The doctor told the tumor was not ruptured.

My Question here is
1. My wife wife had acute pain in her abdomen one month before surgery, is it means Tumor Ruptured? Bcoz if tumor got Ruptured Staging will be Differed and affect the actual Prognosis.

2. Is there any other option to find out whether there are any residues in her pelvic region or her tumor got ruptured?

Pls help me.

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