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L'Oreal Paris- The Color of Hope

Just letting you all know about this amazing site I found that is doing something for OVCA...I never realized until dealing with this disease that there was NOT enough awareness. It actually angered me when I opened Sundays paper to see a target add in the month of Sept covered with Breast Cancer awareness items (all in pink). While I am not knocking breast cancer by anyyyyyy means ( my mother had it) but just the fact that there is all this for breast cancer and nothing for ovarian cancer...

here is the site

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When I was on my way back from Houston last week, I opened up the airline's magazine (called Spirit - I flew Southwest).  Inside, there was a full page ad featuring Halle Barry for Calloway Golf Clubs.  I was so surprised, I ripped the page out and took it with me.  I think now I should have left it so others who happened upon that magazine could have seen it.  At any rate, the ad says "I challenge you to help us find a cure for Ovarian Cancer.  Ovarian Cancer remains the most deadly of the gynecologic cancers.  That's why the Calloway Golf Foundation, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and Halle Berry have joined together to bring awareness and funds to the cause.  Through $2 million in donations to EIF's Women's Cancer Programs, the Calloway Golf Foundation Women's Cancer Intiative, established at leading cancer institutions nationwide, works to fast-track breakthrough treatments and tests to beat this disease.  Until there is an early detection test for ovarian cancer, we urge women to become educated about the disease.  Know your risk.  Get involved."

There is a picture of Halle leaning on a golf club that has a teal stripe and a teal ribbon.  Makes me wish I played golf, or at least had a boatload of money to go buy golf clubs I don't need!  

Thanks for the link, girly.  I am always on the lookout for companies who sponsor OvCa awareness.

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