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Hello.... what is the time line for the last stages of ovarian cancer.. My mother is 77 has had it for 18 months now... the cancer is in the lymph nodes, she is 36 kgs her stomach is huge and she is taking a high dose of drugs for the pain,,, but my brother and i are so confused  .. the docs tell us nothing, i am at the stage where i read her chats to get any info i can. i am a hands on  person i like to know what there pumping into my mother.... god its hard  and heart breaking to watch . this beautiful person who gave birth to you... and raise you up teach you everthing you know.. dying right before your eyes..... i have broken down once infront of mum and we had the talk which wa great .. its never easy is it.... any help  would be a help...  with the kindest of regards from jennifer
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My heart goes out to you.  I know how hard it is to watch a mother suffer this.  I lost my mom to the disease when she was only 51.  It would be hard to guess about a time-line.  It depends on so many factors such as if she is taking in any nutrition, the aggressiveness of the cancer type, and if there are tumors causing bowel obstructions or in vital organs.  Your mom may need to give written permission for her doctors to give you her health information.  I hope you are finding time to take care of yourself during this tough time.  I know when my mom was sick I could barely even eat a bite.  I wish you the best.  Marie
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It's hard to say what the timeline is as everyone is different and the types of the ovarian cancer are different.  Is your mom currently on chemo?  It's hard to understand from your post what exactly is going on.  Regarding the doctor's you and your brother need to insist with them on providing information to you.  A lot of times, the doctor's truly don't know as everyone is different, however, they certainly can advise you of the treatment approach, etc... If your mom isn't on chemo and it is just "running it's course", they should also be able to put you in contact with Hospice for assistance, etc.

Wishing you well,

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