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Left abdominal pain/ ovarian cysts

Hello,  I'm new to this.. I have been having left abdominal pain for several months,  from my hip area which is a dull pinching ache, my groin and upper left thigh hurts,  my left flank feels sore most the time, under my left rib cage around my spleen feels swollen at times with moderate pain, My ribs between the muscle and skin feels extremely tender to the touch and it usually comes and goes according to my menstrual cycle (feels like a really bad bruise).. I also have a tender spot along the edge of my left rib cage where it angles down,  And a tender spot in my lower left abdomen right beneath my belly button.  I have severe constipation most the time (like I only go 1x a week if I'm lucky) except the week of my period, I have 1 day of chronic diarrhea , lower back pain ( my back goes out every time I get my period)  I can actually be sitting down doing nothing and have my back go out, or it will feel as if its slipping in and out and it is very painful when that happens (like a bad back spasm in the disc) I have chronic neck pain every month right before I start, along with chronic left shoulder pain.  My legs ache at night and I get really bad headaches and migraines.  I'm tired all the time, no motivation,  intercourse is getting more painful, If I'm lucky enough to have an "O" during sex I get this very odd pulled muscle feeling in my left hip area.  I recently had a pelvic sono done and it shows I have 2 cysts on my right ovary that appear normal, 1 complex 2 cm cyst on my left ovary with a reflective index of .48 in the ovary wall,  it has fluid and debris in it.  I also have a moderate thickening of the edometrial echo  of 1.2 cm,  free intrapelvic fluid with some debris in the fluid.   My doctor has not called me to tell me any of these results, I happen to look at my chart online (as I have access to all my medical records)  I am still waiting on blood work to come back..   Can anyone tell me how what to expect, or if this sounds like the cause of all the pain I am having?  I am just really confused and worried.   Thanks for any help
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