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Liver function and cancer recurrance?

Hi, it's been a while since I've been around.  My cyst problems have gone away (yay) but I'm back with a question about my mom.  She's 20 months since finishing chemo, but CA125 has slowly risen from single digits into the 50's.  Nothing's showing on the CT scan so they're just watching her closely (frequent blood tests).

In the meantime, her primary dr did some blood work and her liver functions came back elevated.  He sent the results to the oncologist, although it was her cardiologist who prescribed the drug (Zocor) most likely to cause a liver problem.  Now mom's worried that this means the cancer has gone to her liver.  Does anyone know anything about an elevated liver function and possible spread of ovca to the liver?

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Hi Suzsen, my wife on chemo (Gemzar)for recurrence of OVCA, since April 2006. CT scan done in March showed some mass around the top of liver. She has ascites and two episodes of tapping done to drain out the fluid collection.  The latest CT scan done end July showed the mass around the liver is still there which she has'nt responded well to the current chemo regimen.  Her lungs, spleen, pancreas and left kidney are all clear.  The fluid collection has compressed her right kidney which is horizontally displaced (according to the CT scan report).  I don't think her liver is badly affected although she seems to have a lot of back pain, abdominal discomfort and nausea.  I think your mom's liver function should be good although her CA125 elevation seems to be of some concern. Kindly keep me posted on further developments and in the meantime we shall remember you and your mom in our prayers.
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Thank you so much for your response.  I'm so sorry to hear your wife is suffering, please give her our best wishes.

I had read that asciites is a symptom of cancer involvement in the liver, my mom does not have that.  So it sounds like an elevated liver function doesn't necessarily indicate cancer in the liver.

We know the cancer will probably come back eventually, but mom responded well to the chemo the first time and it does seem to be coming back slowly rather than quickly.
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