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Looking for Uterine cancer suvivors

I am doing a 3rd round of chemo because I have not gotten rid of all of my clear cell uterine cancer.  I was wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing.  I am taking Taxatere and Gemzar.  I was wondering if someone took it and didn't lose their hair and what symptoms they got with it.
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I am the only one on the forum with cancer, I have ovarian. Taxotere makes everyone's hair fall out. I took it with Carboplatin. I have had three sets of chemo. One lasting over a year. I had cancer in 14 places now I only have it in one.Taxotere made me very sick. My main problem was weight loss. I lost so much I was under weight and failure to thrive. Since then I have learned to eat whether I am hungry or not. I also had anemia but that might have been the Carboplatin. I have had two blood transfusions in three years. I have not been on Gemzar yet. My friend is on it. She feels pretty tired and lousy. These drugs are cumalitive. I feel okay at first but which chemo I feel sicker. Mostly what happens over time the chemos stop working and you have to go on another. That is what happened with Doxil. I did 26 months then it stopped working.

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