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Looking for suggestions

Hi Dr:  I'm jun 48yrs. with OVCA, Dx 06,have finished 6 cycles of IV/IP and 4 cycles of taxol +8 cycles of Abraxane IV
Cytoreductive surgery Sept.17.2009 1st recurrence.
Carbo+Gemza  5 cycles
Doxil+Avastin 3 cycles ended June4th 2010.
2nd recurrence
Doxil  started Mar.20th 2011, only worked partially after 3 cycles, very bad skin reaction
Avastin+Topotecan Jun.2011, ca125 dropped to 77 from 200, have done 13cys so far. Ca125 is slowing going up again.  What is the option left for me.  
My dr suggest:  Alimta+Avastin ?  or clinical trail PD-0332991 from Pfizer.  Any thoughts form you.  Thank you very much for your help.


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Dear Jun

it sounds like you have had excellent care. I agree with all the treatments you have received.

The treatment options that your doctor suggests are very reasonable.
In addition it looks like you had not had carboplatin since 2009. if so, that should be considered

another option is weekly taxol at a low dose such s]=as 60 - 80 mg per m2
ask your oncologist about those approaches.

best wishes to you
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Thank you very much for your answers. I'll discuss with my drs.  You have a great weekend.

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