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Low abdominal pain

I  a 53 year old female with Pain in LLQ on and off more consistently for several months. (Have had intermittently several times over years)  Its not a consistent pain but more of a twinge every few minutes or may be no pain for hours or a day and then returns.  Saw  Dr 1 month ago-diagnosed as diverticuli. No tests run. No vomiting or nausea. No constipation or increase in diarrhea. Normal stools tend to be loose for years. Pain isnt worse or better after a BM.   No blood in stools.  No problems with urination. Had colonoscopy 3 years ago-normal.  Had uterine ultrasound 2 1/2 years ago-normal.  In menopause--Last period 2 1/2 years go. No bleeding or discharge. Im concerned its ovarian cancer?  Help
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You might need another ultrasound to be safe. Ovarian cancer is rare you have a 1.4% of getting it in a life time if you do not have a BRCA mutation. Mine was missed for two years and I was stage 4 when they caught it. Just an ovarian cyst can cause pain. It may just be divereticulitis which are pouches in the colon.

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