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Lower abdominal lump- hard, tender and large
Hello- my name is Emily. I am 16 years old, rougly 5'6" and 140 pounds. I am physically active and in good health. Or so it seems. . . .

About 2-3 years ago, I started noticing while lying down that the left side of my pelvis was raised slightly higher than the right. This was not due to asymmetry of the pelvic bone, because I soon began to feel pressure building on that side, and it was painful.
I have never been to a gynecologist ( I think that's how it's spelled? ), I am sexually active and negative for STDs, not pregnant, and this lump has never been picked up on an ultrasound. My mom refuses to take me to the gynecologist because there's "nothing wrong with me". Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure feeling a rock hard lump the size of a stapler in your abdomen isn't normal. I give myself regular self exams, and the lump has only been growing and getting harder. The lump runs perpendicular to my pelvis, extending from in front of my left ovary back towards my kidney. Is it normal to also have a hard and very enlongated cervix? My period has always been irregular, and I get extremely bad cramps.
. . .could this be a tumor?
I need help. I don't know what to do, I don't know what else it could be. I am terrified this could be something serious. . . . :'( i don't know if this helps any, but I am a caucasian female. I am adopted, so I don't know the history of diseases in my family.

Please, tell me what to do! I can't go to doctor without consent (which I don't have), and I have to find out what this could be!
Any ideas?
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An elongated lump along the left side of your abdomen could also be the descending colon full of fecal matter. Do you have problems with constipation? Does the lump seem to come and go? When I had my large ovarian cyst, my descending colon was quite palpable when full. It  felt similar to what you describe. Normally I didn't notice it but with the large cyst pushing up from beneath, the lower colon was easy to feel.

At age 16 I don't know if you need consent to see a doctor. My kids were allowed to see their doctor alone when they reached age 14. But perhaps it varies from state to state.

I would hope that if you spoke with your mom again, explained your concern and the pain you're having, even have her feel the lump, she would be willing to have it checked. It's better to have it checked now rather than wait for a medical emergency.
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