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Lump in my groin!!!!!!!!!

Ovarian Cancer Screening isn't really my topic, but I can't find one to fit my topic. Any way, I am fifteen years old and I have had three lumps in my groin in the past three to four months. The first time my obgyn told me that it was a swollen lymph node. The second time he said that it wasn't a swollen lymph node, but a simple bacterial infection. I don't think it's a swollen lymph node because it doesnt hurt. It can be an STD because I'm not sexually active and there's no discharge. Also, usually with a bacterial infection or yeast infection there's a fishy smell, itching and clumpy discharge. I have none of those symptoms. I'm scared and I don't know what to do. The only things that I've saw online that didn't include any of those symptoms had to do with cancer, a tumor, or a hernia. What should I do,  what do you all think it is. Help Me!!!!!!!!!
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If you were my daughter I would take you to see our family physician  or whomever knows your history the best even if that person is your pediatritian.  I would insist we find out what is going on and if that meant the removal of the "lump" all the better.  I hope you are talking to your parents about this  ..... I doubt seriously that you have anything to worry about but it is always better to find out what is going on.  
Hang in there kid.....try not to get yourself all worked up.....consider going to someone other than a gyn.....please let us know how things turn out......if at all possible....talk with your parents.
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I really appreciate your concern and help. I'm in a situation with the state right now and sort of don't have parents. They're alive, just not around. I have staff and therapists though. I'm a ward of the state and in a residential facility. I think I'll check with another doctor though. I you are really interested in an update, you can email me at ***@****! thanx
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Hi there,

My son also had lumps in his groin area and I do know that any sort of infection, i.e. scratches, infected pimples or boils, even the flu...can cause your lymph nodes to be swollen and sore, and then they usually go down after infection.  They are telling you that your body is fighting something.  
But as always if you are not satisfied with what the doctor is telling you then go to someone until you are.
Good luck and best wishes
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