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Hi, I am from Singapore. And since last year in Nov 2007, I started to have mild pain on my left side on my lower tummy about 10days before my menses due. I suspect is my ovary making me pain. My last menses was 26 Feb and suspect will be delayed due to no sore breast(normanlly will have sore breast). The pain was borthering me every month and I went to see Gynae and he said that it is due to ovaluation. I have been trying every mth to conceive but was not sucessful. I do not know what happen to me.  I have only 1 son now 5 years old.
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I'm just assuming your GYN hasn't done any imaging, since you didn't post it.
Consistant lower abdominal pain, that is suspected to be ovary related should definitely be checked out, with at least, an ultrasound.  
Ovarian cysts usually give their first hint of existance in the form of consistant pain, among other annoying stimulus.
Your body is trying to tell you something.  Don't let the doctor silence what it's saying.
So what if you have the imaging done, and it just shows you have a functional cyst.  At least you know what it is, and can keep an eye on it.
If you are having trouble getting pregnant, read up on this syndrome: PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome).  While I am not claiming to be a doctor in any way, many women have trouble concieving because of this syndrome, and they don't even know they have it.  It also coincides with your left sided pain.
Check it out.
PS.  Singapore is beautiful, such a clean and well organized country.  Even the airport has a beautiful orchid garden in it! Fabulous.
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