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MRI or Cat scan or Pet scan

I think my ovarian cancer is back. My CA125 went from 6 to 20. I have the following symptoms: fatigue, abdominal swelling and pain, nausea, pain in stomach. Which of these 3 scans would be most accurate to detect cancer tumors?

Thank you.
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I am sorry you are having those symptoms and your ca 125 has gone up.  If you can afford it I would choose a Pet scan.  An MRI or Cat scan just covers a certain part of your body.   A Pet scan covers your whole body and I think the cancer shows up better due to the contrast they use.  If there is cancer anywhere in your body it will light up.  It gives me more peace of mind.  There are other things that can cause your ca 125 to go up and you are still in the normal range.  I hope you get good news with whichever scan you choose.

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Leslee liked the pet better also, it shows up all the cells, repeat the Ca125  in 2 weeks, maybe it will be down again.
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